Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beach Escapade

My honey pie phoned me last night about his plan of letting us do a beach escapade. He said he knew of a place in Cebu where we can stay. I contacted Misty today about my hubby's plan and told him to bring the kids and maybe her family too so that it would be super fun. I am still thinking when i can possibly schedule a trip to Cebu. In fact, my hubby is already mad at me why i cant do it this month. Hayst, i wish i am a super woman so that i can do everything he requested.

But my hubby is sick right now, in fact his voice sounds so different last night when we talked. I told him to cancel his appointment but he said he is just fine. Well, i texted him this morning as soon as i wake up to know if he is fine already, he suddenly called and said he will just rest and stay at home. At last, he followed my order..hehehhe.

There is indeed a reason why my path leads to him because i am overwhelmed by his love always. Hurting me is the last thing he can do. Unlike all the past experiences. Get well soon and i heart you honey pie.

Airport Amenities

For a place to be flocked with tourists, its important that they must have attractive sceneries and of course many tourists destinations. But over and above, the gateway of the visitors should be as stunning and as impressive as the place. I'm talking about the airport amenities. An airport should have the state of the art technology, must have a great customer satisfaction and of course should have a desirable parking areas. I remember a friend who told me about how amazing her experience at Chicago Ohare Parking. She said she was impressed how the parking place was organized and clean. She even compared it with the rest of the airport places in town and according to her Chicago airport is one of the best airport in town.