Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rainy Saturday

Hmmmm, as my the title says itself, we had a very cold saturdy here, wish we have someone to hug and pretty good to stay in bed today. Well i dont have plans for today except to come online and wait for my babe,hmmm, curious? well and well, the babe is not from here, he is from the foreign land..hehehe. I just wait for him to come online, unfortunately we were not able to chat, maybe he was just busy, but i knew he will read this post later. Tomorrow will be a great day for me, my bestfriend in highschool arrived and she was inviting me to come over to their place tomorrow. I missed her already, might as well go there and do a little chit chats. Yesterday, we went to National bookstore and i am really amazed that as early as now, valentine cards are already saleable, yeah, there are already plenty of valentine stuff there,i am so envy with the students who were really very busy reading those cards and trying to choose what cards best fit their loved ones, but thats lfe, we have our own share of frustrations everyday, but though my heart beats for someone miles away, still i can say that he is just so near with me, coz he is always here, in my heart - everyday.

Tell Me

Honestly i was really trying to figure out what to write in here by now, my mind is not yet working, my heart is still not in good terms.Right now i am listening to the music of Joey Albert "Tell Me", going back, this song was very memorable to me, it was my favorite song wayback in my high school years, i remember dedicating this song to my 4 years crush who was just a neighbor, i remember how i shed tears whenever i hear this song especially if it was played midnight when everybody was past asleep, i remember how i was trying to buy a lot of times in there store just to see him but now i do remember him but not the feelings anymore. But by merely listening to this song, i just cant remember him but the few people who had became part of my heart, those who have take good care of it and those who have tear it and left. I knew i cant waste my life forever, holding back and holding on coz there are still few things to look forward for, though i always ask "where did i go wrong?'' and oftentimes wondered 'why did it have to end up so soon?'' but i know someday "ill let it go with this "goodbye".