Monday, September 5, 2011

A Expert in Tile Industry

Of course we all want to get a product that is worth of every penny that we pay especially in renovating our house. For some people, they go for canvass first before they buy for the materials needed. Its actually a big help to know which store offers the most affordable and quality products. If you are scouting for the best hardware store that offers an affordable and huge tile selection then better check out They have fantastic designs for Bathroom Tile that you would surely love to have. Get yours now.

On Plagiarism...

Did you know that copying someones thought is a no no? I mean i hope other bloggers or my readers would somehow has a little decency. I mean when you copy someones thought and idea especially verbatim copying is against the code of ethics and a violation of the intellectual property of someone. I don't normally react when i read one or twice of phrases that i knew from my own words but when you copy the idea and phrase then i hope you have a little shame on yourself for doing so. Don't wait for me to post your name and your blog coz im sure you will not be glad of what I'm going to do. A little respect please. If you don't know how to do that stuff then better stop and do things you are capable of than of copying others works. Its such a shame guys. If you don't have any idea about plagiarism issues then better read before its too late coz you might regret the day you read my blog. My blog is a public portal so its open for anybody else both to people who just want to aid themselves with updates from me. But of course you are also subject to certain limitations. Give a little respect to yourself...Shame on you.

Monday Thoughts

The start of the week is fantastic. I had a weekend blast and the shopaholic in me was very delighted because i bought the few stuff that i was eyeing a month ago. Good thing i bought it coz it was the last stock from the row. No wonder the branded (so pricey) bag was salable coz it was so fantastic. Thanks to the hubby for the over pampering me. wink*. I'm craving for an out of town trip. Its been awhile since my last visit to Cebu. Actually, just the other month but i am really on fancy as to the latest fashion trends there. But of course i still few things to prioritize but surely i will have an Iloilo trip before the year closes.

I'm in between some working stuff but i just want to update my online portal so here i am. Anyway, my hubby celebrated his birthday yesterday and i was lucky that i was the first one to greet him. He said he just had a simple dinner with his kids and im glad he did. I missed him now actually. Wondering what he is doing?