Monday, September 21, 2009

Black Out

Its so sad to post about this stuff, but im really so pissed about this thing. Imagine we had a brown out that runs like more than 10 hours, i dont know what theyre doing or having maintenance but they never do some advisory, lots of pending reports, was not able to email some urgent thing. Their service is really not that good but heck whats the purpose of this complain but just merely in papers, we cant do otherwise, they monopolize the electric service. This is quite disappointing. We are paying faithfully but they dont serve us the way we expect to be. Poor country!!!!!

Celebration: End of Ramadan

Today marks the end of Ramadan, to our muslim brothers in signifies a celebration for their one month fasting. I knew that too because my lalabs is a muslim, i am just quite sad because we had a small argument that is why i havent heared from him for quite a few days. I read his offline now saying that they had a great celebration but then its was spoiled because of our situation now, isnt it sad? but i knew he can feel it that i dont intend to hurt him or do somethin that will make him bad, thats the last thing i could do. I love him and pain and heartaches are part of the relationship. There are always two sides of the boat. Theres always happiness and sorrow, but hopefully we could settle this the soonest.