Tuesday, June 8, 2010


A career woman has one problem and rants on her entire day, its about stress and stress and stress. Yes its is and its an everyday encounter. I dont know if its about the hormones but really a modern woman on her chaotic world encounters an evereyday stress whether ist brought by her work, by her family, by her relationship or anything that might caused it. That is why a lot or beuty products are invented to lesses stress, some are even therapeutic and herbal essenses that are now used by science. Speaking of inventions, OXIS ENTERNATIONAL - a firm engaged in research, development and sale of products and now the premier provider for the potent antioxidant. Recently, they come up with their recent discovery on how to prevent oxidative stress, the product is called Ergothioneine - (The super antioxidant) It has Anti aging, antioxidant, glutathione, penny stocks & free radical which enhance various health protective systems.


Bloggers like me has the same objective here, to find the best paying site whether ist a payper post or the pay per click. Whatever they may be, these sites hsould offer a credible and guaranteed service not only to the blogger but to the advertisers as well. Its a must that they must stick to their rules and should have their own standards as well. That's how Blogadvertising store ia about. They have the commitment to the bloggers who write about the product and they give guaranteed and quality service to their advertisers. Their core values simply revolves on how both the bloggers and advertisers will attain their common objective. I admire the way they take good care of their bloggers, giving them the simpliest, easist yet has the sense of commitment to their missions and visions. So for advertiser's, why will you choose to advertise on blogs instead of mass media or in television instead when a lot of the customers wil eventually watch, the simpliest reason would be, Blogging is the fastest means of advertisements and on the davent of technology where people rely everything in the internet, its very basic to say that even the most ordinary people will eventually browse the net. And for a product that is advertised in the net simply brings a lot of difference, because its an original advertisement and from the points of view of the author itself, which speaks of word of mouth advertisment. Isnt it very convincing? Another thing advertisement on blogs is the most trendy nowadays. in a professional term this is what we called Blog Marketing.
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I texted a blogger friend this morning, was just asking if he is already a member of NEOBUX, coz i bet everybody knew it and even most of the techie people are already a member of the most popular sites, and she replied back by saying "yes", i was not surprised at all coz i knew only few people are not members of that PTC Sites, i replied back to her by asking what other PTC sites she would like to recommend coz i want to be a member of other sites. Then she mentioned one, but i knew some who are trusted and guaranteed true to their missions, i mean these are the sites that really pays to their members. One is CLIXSENSE, this has been in the indsutry for few years so you are guaranteed to have the best site here. Another is OMNIBUX, like neobux thsi is also a popular sites wherein you can click more than 5 ads per day, so its worth the visit really.


Hows your day guys, well we are very much thankful here that heavy rain poured down early morning, at least the heat that were ranting lessen but still the entire day was too hot but the weather station says that La Nina will be on its way. After too much heat, then its consistent rainfall again, hopefully it will not be worst as we all expected.