Friday, February 27, 2009

LOve Moves...

After quite sometime, im into realization that indeed true love is somethin you cant buy in the department store or just get it anywhere. Its neither negotiable or open for arrangement. Its somethin you have to work it out, you have to nurture in order for it to be developed. Somehow along the journey, ive met a lot of wonderful guys, we have met along a lot of mr. Maybe. We thought we have found the right man in the person of those guys, but in the end, they have just came to teach us to be strong, to be a mature indivudual in the long run. I cant no longer count how many times ive cried and how many crazy time ive sacrificed in the name of love, but the end of the day it just turned out to be wasted because they have leaved me shattered and broken. And now, all the waiting has been paid off, at last ive found the right person who have brought me the magic i was longing to feel before. The man who have given me the unconditional love others cannot give. Whatever this destiny tries to prove, i still have one great lesson i ought to share to everyone else, it always pays to wait!


Yay its an exhausting friday for me, i did had lots of deadlines to met and my schedule was quite so tiring. Anyhow i still manage to update this blog of mine simply because i dont want to miss updates from friends and visitors, tommorw will be saturday again.time to rest, hope i can.hehhe
Happy Weekeneds everyone!