Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Today marks the start of the class here in my country, no wonder when we passed by at Divisoria, i saw plenty of people having their last minute shopping and some parents even try to look around first to see who among those stores offer the . I couldn't help but reminisce my younger days, usually when its already the start of June, i would ask my mom to do the shopping as early as possible or i would go with her so that i could have the chance to choose the best notebooks, erasers, bags and even those little stuff i need for schooling. I would also beg my mom to have a new shoes, uniform and umbrella, of course it would not be complete if those stuff is not with me. And at the first of our class, i will be very eager to wake up early and take a bath ahead of my other siblings, i am so excited to see my former classmates and new classmates as well. But now, we are all finished with our respective degrees except for our younger sister who is on her last year- for her review, and hopefully by next year she will already take her board exam. Nonetheless, going to school is the most exciting and memorable stage of a teenage life, coz its where exciting and great things happened, as we are all molded to be a better person its also the same time we are shaped to be a good citizen of this country.


I dont know if you heard the latest news already but last sunday, as we steeped out of our gate to go to church, a taxi driver told us that there was an accident at Balamban, ive thought that it was just a normal accident of two or three persons but i was shocked when he told us that involves 60 people and 21 killed and the rest were wounded and worst it was mostly Iranian Nationals. I feel sad to those people especially that we also have friends from them who died from that accident. Their apartment is just adjacent to our place so most of the time we say "Hi" when we happened to have the chance. At that night after going to church i saw this old man who is also an Iranian and he came from the hospital already and was done treating his wounds but i bet its not the wound that made his face really so sad, it was the fact that in just a click of a finger he lost his dear friends. I havent saw my friends from that apartment until now, and few people from that village told me that they were part of those Iranian Nationals who were not able to made it, i mean to survive. I knew its so sad, but the least i can do now is to pray for their soul and for the family to at least lessen their emotional burden.