Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy Sunday

Ohh, i missed updating here. It's a beautiful Sunday here and i am still pretty busy today. I will be attending to few matters and i can't just miss it. I want to finish my tasks but i don't have enough time. I honestly don't want to give a half-baked review to my advertisers since i knew they're paying for my service.I also need to do some updates in all of my sites so apologize if i can't visit your doorsteps, i will soon.

The happy thought, i recently submitted my new sites to my all-time favorite site and hopefully they will accept them. That's why i am giving a focus on them lately but i will get back to my current babies in no time. I just had a busy weekend lately and i was planning to do some blog hopping yesterday but i missed it due to power outage. So, i decided to just do some offline errands yesterday with my mom and other siblings. Today, we will be having a small get-together and i doubt if we can finish it early.

just dropping by, hope to join some meme today.