Sunday, February 28, 2010

Team Purefoods

Im sorry to disappoint the Alaska Acers fans, but just an hour ago we won the game 3 pf the Philippine Cup and on Wednesday the game 4 will be held still at Araneta Coliseum, the standing is now 3-0 in favor of Purefoods with the best of 7 game. After 3 years, this is finally the event for my team Purefoods with of course the future MVP, James Yap. I am an avid fan of James Yap, i super loved him. I loved the way he is humble but the best player for the team. Go team Purefoods!!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Well and well, i was here to post some updates, hmmm, nothing much to share except that i miss u all guys, im here alive and kickin. I wish i have more time to share everything that is happening in my life now, but i guess i should reserved this dramas in days to come. For the mean time, ill park my finger and rest, goodnight guys, sweet dreams

Friday, February 19, 2010

Love or MOney

You Would Choose Love

Money may buy a little happiness, but not the happiness of true love.

You rather have a true soulmate than a private jet.

And while many people may claim they would choose love too...

You're one of the few who would really do it.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Devil Wears Prada

This is a great and a must-read novel by Lauren Weisberger, This is a story about a woman named Andrea Sachs who was hired as editorial assistan by the famous Miranda Priestly. This is what im reading right now and i totally loved the story and the way the author presented a different genre, you can really relate to the characters especially if youre a career woman. I love how the main character was presented in such a way that youll be fascinated to character. You can reflect with the story especially if you have a boss as demanding and capricious as Andrea's boss.hehehe

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

An Apology

I knew i owe you one, i owe an apology to you, i dont know how to start this but i knew how it ends, i realize the consequence of my actions when i finally realize i have let you go, you are right a relationship will never become a relationship unless the two of you made an effort to make the relationship work. For everything that was said and done, i am sorry for being so stupid enough and for being so insensitive. I wish i could tell everyone how lucky i am to have known you and see a part of you. You are one of the few people who have come in my life that i can say, worth keepin for. And pls if i may say, you have the most wonderful and kindest heart a man could ever had. I knew my mistakes and i recognize my shortcomings, yes i am imperfect but i guess its not my imperfections that drives this things to what we are now but its me being childish, bratty and worst the inconsiderate in me. Time can only tell what will happen next but believe me, our past and our memories are worth of my imagination. Im sorry for all those times that youve waited and i did not come, im sorry for celebrating the valentines alone, im sorry if you felt i was not makin an effort, im sorry if i have let you go. I knew these cant change things nor make any difference but just the thought that you knew that i value our relationship is enough, this may not cause anything to us but this will be a good start..
I believe that apologizing to someone does not mean that he is right and the other is simply means that you value your relationship more than your ego.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Choice and Choices

It was a fine weather that greeted me as i wake up just 30 minutes before 9 in the morning, it was just 5 more days to go before Christmas day. As i checked the clock, oh my, i forgot to alarm last night, i should have woke up very early coz im going to the southern part of the region, hmmm dont ask why? you knew that already, when a girl does climb the highest mountain or dive the deepest sea, its all for the one and only reason - for the man of her life. True indeed, i finally found my self just few distance more before ill knock at his office, apperantly i feel something stranged, i feel like theres something wrong, my hearts beats faster as if im nervous, i can feel a cold sweat on my hand, i began to ask myself?,whats wrong?hmmm, maybe because im just super excited but i bet not, all these doubts was answered when i opened the door of their office and found him with an another girl, they were at their sweetest position, a girl could not think otherwise, than to conclude that theyre a couple. I wanted to ask, who was the girl but my toungue seems shy to move, but tears fall. I knew it, my heart betrays me again, i couldnt keep the pain in just there, i couldnt make my heart pretend and worst i gave up the bomb thats threateaning to explode in my heart. With no choice, i unburden the emotional bomb infront of the two person i choose not to be with at that time.
I was leaved with two choices, to leave and just stepped away or to face them and pretend that everything will be alright, I choose the later. If you would ask me now, if it was insanity that drives me to choose that, i will tell you, it was not. I believe that facing them off was the best thing to do than to hide all my questions and what if's and choose not to be answered and regret after all. It was the hardest decision i have ever made, it was like facing the truth when you knew that truth will hurt you like the cut of a knife but if truth hurt, isnt a lie hurts most? Keeping and believing a lie for almost 2 years was the one that is much painful, the one day face off was the beginning and the end of my miseries, and i wanted to believe that it was the best decision in my life. Choice tore us apart but my choice made me the complete woman i am right now.
My friends always reminds me to forget and learn to move on, i do and i honestly have move forward but memories are part of us and part of our yesterday. THough we have forget the pain but the scar can never be vanished. I am not feeling the same way anymore nor have kept a special place for him, its just the story of the past that made me share as ive remembered his name. Quite cliche, but as i borrowed what the famous writer have used, sharing a part of you does not mean u havent move on rather reminiscing the past is a clear indication how youre confident of sharing your mistakes to be a lesson and a constant reminder of how you were able to get rid of the painful memories,have moved on, was healed and now a new persona.
Like the wind that passes by and comes back, my stories reminds me of how our choices leads us to where we should be. It may not be so ideal or happy as what we ought our stories to be but it will surely be a story that is worth tellin for. A battle of what should be done and what i havent done.At the end of the day, no matter how my choice has driven a sad love story but it completely turns back my identity, my respect and my self-worth. Can there's still be happy ending?


Allow me to share to you guys how happy i am today for my little sis. the good news is, she is chosen as the official candidate of our region to be one of the contestants in the debate contest in the league of private schools in the country. I am really overjoyed of the mere fact that my sister does so well in her studies, i am proud of the fact that at least all my efforts and sacrifices were paid off, i mean i just so loved my sister so much. Just an hour ago i was at their school to help her in her other documents and get her ticket as well. We did had a good time together though we were on the long queue most of the time, but it all ended up pretty well. OH, i will miss her for two weeks when shes gone, i dont know how to spend the day and especially the night without her, coz mostly we had a usual chitchats about anything under the sun, but its alright, i knew she will not be that long there. You know what i have lots of things to be thankful about, First and foremost because i have a loving and supportive family, my support system is very intact, coz when you are emotionally drained and crippled, they are the one and only family who would be there for you, lucky if you have other shoulders aside from them, lucky if you have the boyfriend or a friend to count on but always and almost the latter usually vanished when youre at your lowest times. Ive just learned that recently..
To my sweety sister, just want to tell you how much i appreciate the bonding we had, i may not tell you everyday how your presence changes the emptiness in me but just once and just for today allow me to tell you how much i appreciate everything youve done for me, i may not be able to express how much i love u and how proud of you because youre my sister, but believe me i really do. Whenever you feel that no one seems to care about you, just bear in mind that im just behind u, no need for demands coz im willing to stick with you without hesitation.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hearts Day

Yesterday was the most lovers waited for, its the day intended to those who have finally found the man and the woman of their life. BUt as for me, it was just a day for celebration of singlehood. This is my first time i celebrated this special day just at home, with my family. Nevertheless i realized, valentines is not only for lovers, rather its also about love for your significant others like for your family, friends and people close to your heart - this is usually the excuse of the loveless, like me.(hehehhe). BUt believe it or not, as this day approaches i have lots of compelling reasons why is should not be sad on this day, though i find it hard at first to convince myself but truelly i have lots of reasons to celebrate and put a smile on this day, first and foremost because i knew from myself that i have peace of mind, second i have finally unburden all the garbages that has been in my heart for so long and lastly because finally i am ready to take another chance, im ready for another emotional roller coaster again, with someone hopefully that could complete the puzzle. But of course, i had few reasons too why i choose not to celebrate the love's day. First because i am sad of the fact that i have lose communication with a great friend. Im missing him really, but i knew he has the best reason why he cut the rope that attached him to me and vice-versa and i would like to respect that. Though i have developed feelings for him already, i would like to believe that this is the best thing for us, coz eventually if it isnt right, everything will fall into places at teh right time. They all say that its about destiny, coz if you are really meant for each other, it will just happen at the right time and to the right person. I guess, he just gets tired of the situation and cant blame him, but i would just leave it up to GOD, everything that happened was purposedly done and according to his plan. I may never understand at this very moment the reason why our paths crossed but hopefully at HIS time it will be answered.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Best of Me

Before i logged in to my account, i kept wondering and imagining a lot of things, some are dreams and some maybe superfacial ambitions. However, some things cannot be denied nor hidden that i am somehow thinking of myself in the years to come, my plans and my goals in this journey, i am somehow thinking if ever i will gte married, or will i have children or worst will the right man come? hehehe, im sorry but just cant help it, cant help but question if sometimes fantasies are real. but i knew its not, thats why its called fantasy, just lived in dreams - in our wildest dreams. I am entertain by some thoughts that life is like a theater, everyday is like a show, everyday is a stuggle to prove to the audience that we are worth watchin for, somehow my life is or should i say our life is like a piece of a shit film, we are always dying to please everyone, we always crave for pleasantries and for other people to admire us and to top it all, we want to be in a status far reachable than the rest, but isnt it too tiring sometimes to maintain the status quoe, sometimes we are unhappy of pleasing the people around us and somehow we tend to be just ourself, just me and i and myself. I hate to be self-centere and i know im not but sometimes i cant help it but to love myself first before loving others but arent we all encouraged by our faith to be other-centered, to what? to find the true meaning of love, of true love. I always tends to give the best of me, whether to a boyfriend, to my sister, to my family, to my work, to my friends, even to the people i rarely talk with, but sometimes my best wasnt good enough, is not enough and will not be enough.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Personal Saint: St. Jude

I remember a college friend way back on my teen days, when sometimes life was a bit ricky, she will always reminds me that life has its own ups and downs, and instead of being frustrated when time came that we are on our downfall, lets stop worrying and just have faith, and everything will just be alrught in time. I used to believe that until now, when i felt i am bounded by frustrations and pain, i end up praying so that GOD will take aways all my worries and fears. And indeed, it vanished. I dont know if you heared the story of St. Jude, He is the saint of the impossible, i actually dont have any idea about him until a great friend introduces me to him. Since we were in the same room before, i usually asked him who was JUDE, coz he just named him JUDE and he was always included in our conversation, not until i was left alone in the roon and noticed a statue that looks like a saint, when she arrived i asked her, if she was the JUDE she was telling to me, and she said yes. True, i never once believe in him but not until HE has proved how good he was, HE has made a lots of miracles and made the impossible possible. He is a great friend and a confidante. Now he is my personal saint, and i just love talking and communicating with him, He is really like a bestfriend to me and my personal saviour, so now when things really fall out, i just kept in my mind that St. Jude is there for me, always. To those who dont know yet of my friend JUDE, pls do just knock at his doorsteps and he will help those who invoked his aid, that's a promise.

Hearts Day

Funny how everyone were all excited for the coming of the most anticipated day for lovers. Some may even booked already flowers or stuff toys for their significant others. BUt for those who are loveless like me, i ought not to think about it instead. Last year was very memorable for me, we were together with my ex and had a great celebration. Yes, i sometimes envy those girls who were really so lucky to have their special someone with them, but i dont think i settled for less. I have my ever supportive, understanding and patient friend whom i considered the closest man i ever had now. Valentines maybe romantic in the real sense but nothing is more ideal and meaningful than to have someone you can share in happiness and in pain, and much more than the box of chocolates or flowers, my man is still incomparable. Nothing beats than to have him in your life.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


I remember my bestfriend whom i was so close with, he was the only guy i was really so close in all my batchmates, when i was suspended during my college years, he initiated a protest against the management coz he felt the later did not exercise fully my students right. Because he was the school studentry president, he was also suspended by the school administrator for what he has done, but he simply accepted it because he doesnt want to leave me alone. That doesnt stops there. Two years ago, i was rushed to the hospital because of over-fatigue, the rest of my office mates were really worried because i was just alone there. Since David is a constant caller, they called him up and told them what happened. SO he immedietly took his leave and takes good care of me. He was there when i celebrated my birthday at the hospital, he was there when i cried so hard because my former bf betrayed me, he was there when the world seems so unfair on my side. I remember last year on my birthday, he made an specialy delivery of ballons and chocolates to my office and gave a simple yet meaningful card. Our friendship was tested by time and of trials and shortcomings. Yet we remain strong and proved a concrete union bound by trust and of great value to each other. I use not to trust men by then not until my bestfriend proved to me that you cant really knew a man exactly not even the way he dressed or the way he smile, its with the chance to be with him and as you surpass the challenge of time that you can really know if he is worth keepin for.
I am not closing my doors for someone or for anyone, as clarence says, i wouldnt stop loving until i find my perfect match. Its when u strive for unconditional love that would make love worth fightin for. And this journey has just started.....

Clarence's NOte

"Love is exactly what it implies..simply LOVE. Sometimes its offered and given without hestitation, and sometimes its given and offered with reservations,its what humans do. The key is to strive to LOVE unconditionally"

I wanted to start this post by sharing to you one of the comments in my previous post given by Clarence, I am really so touched of his comment really, coz true enough LOVE is given without hesitations but somehow there are also cases that it is given with reservations. As i was done redaing his comment i began to realize, true indeed, we are hurt sometimes because there are expectations from our partner and somehow we are demanding something from our significant others over things that should not be. First, we should try to accept some facts that love is a gift and not an obligation, thats why there are lots of brokenhearted because they felt their partner did not do what they expect them to do. Luckily i can say that i am fortunate that i met someone who was really an open-minded. Now i realize his point, you are right babe..why dont we enjoy what we have and lets see what we can do soon. I am wrong of rushing things out this time, im sorry if i was being so emotional, maybe because i didnt understand what you fully mean by then. Its just good that you are a good person and that you had the patience to embrace my imperfections.
I would love if we can talk things out in the phone babe, coz you knew how much i missed you already..I love u so much.

Friday, February 5, 2010


BRAVO!, cheers to the cast and productions crews and staff and of course to the management of ABS - CBN for the great success and excellent ending of May Bukas Pa, i knew a lot of bloggers will have great reviews on this said primetime series, but i really cant help it but blog about this thing. The teleserye is one of the few series in the television that had excellent moral adhersity to its viewing public. I want to commend the people behind this series to come up with this television remake, truelly inspiring. Aside from that, its a wake up call and for everyone of us, as we reflect our faith and our relationship to HIM. I am truelly blessed for having the chance to be an avid fan of SANTINO and his journey. I am also thankful that this series truelly contributed moral and spiritual guidance to every households.

What IF?

If things maybe not right then now? when it the right time? and if you did had the chance to make proper choices, would you choose the right thing, when the right thing is being friends and did not start as lovers? Maybe our paths crossed because we do have lessons to be earned, its just sad that we have to know it the hard way. And now we do realized things and we were sorry for starting things wrong, but are there really exact standards to follow as to when and who to fall in love with? Why is it very predominant in the game of love to have more mistakes than happy endings? Is it because theres really no rules in love? or is it because we just dont have the heart and true meaning of what really love is?
If love is about pain, then i guess i would be willing to earn the suffering and if love is about happiness, then much more that i wanted to enjoy the feeling of being other centered and forgetting one's selfs. But what if love is about both? taking pains to finally get a sought after happy endings. And if happy endings are really worth it then i would be very glad to be hurt for you if ending up with you is the ultimate price.

Still Missed U

I will be hypocrite if ill say that i was over him, i missed him really, so much. I missed his voice, i missed the thought of looking forward to chat with him, somehow its really not that easy, i wish it is. I realized it was best if we started as friends and did not cross the borders, but what if we started as lovers and eventually try to redo things and start as being friends, is it possible? perhaps it is, but how could i control myself from feeling the same way as i did before, should i redo my feelings too and start from something as if he was a stranger and pretend i dont know him or worst pretend that he was not special. Wish i could do that, and forget him that easy, wish i could just vanished the thought that he is a great man and that every woman is lucky to have him, wish i didnt fall in love with him and just view things as like a normal game like what they usually do at the net, but at the end of the day, i guess i have made the best choice, of just being true, of loving someone i dont know. Perhaps its one of the most stupid things ive ever done in my life, but at least i did had this chance of realizing things in a better perspective. At least..., the only fault i knew was falling in love with him, if this is a crime or if this wrong, im willing to suffer the consequence.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I have had enough stories to tell in my life. Some had brought me the smiles and some are those that are not worth telling for. There are those too that i believe keeping it within my heart was the best thing to do. Our stories are just one of the few memories that i will cherish forever. I didnt want to go but the situation needs it babe, i dont want to cut the rope that binds me to you but this is the only thing best for us now. The distance is really killing us and everyday is just a survival game, of longingness and of imagination. I appreciate every inch you did for the relationship, i am flattered of the big and small things you did for me. I couldnt ask for more anymore for the love that you have shown to me. I guess im starting to believe that sometimes love isnt just enough, no matter how two of you have exerted all the efforts, time would really come that you need to let go of his hand coz you want him to be happy. Babe i cried because i couldnt keep the pain - of the thought that its very hard for you to keep the relationship. Sometimes i dont want to think of you coz if i do, i am just thinkin of how unfair love seems to. When you think you met him at the perfect day but you have an imperfect situations. I used to believe that love can be work out so as relationship but the harder we try the more that we would get hard at the finish line. You were right babe, how much more if we meet and the day came again that we will part aways, isnt it much harder? I dont know when is the perfect time for us, if theres any? but i dont have doubt that i have found the perfect man in you.
For the very last time, allow me to utter the three special word that i knew is for you and will be for u only "i Love You", i may not tell you everyday how much you mean to me but i always do. remember babe, we met at just an ordinary day but seems i couldnt forget that day now, that ordinary day brings out something special tagged as the unforgettable day in my life. I ought just not to leave offline message coz its hurting deep inside of me, as to how i could say goodbye to the man i love. I knew youll read this eventually, theres just no purpose why i wrote here, but i believe this blog was very instrumental in keeping us together. And this blog knew everything that we went thru and all the in-betweens.
Thank you babe for being you, for loving me and for sharing your dreams to me. You know i may not have told you this, but i am touched by everything that you have done. You have always managed to call me and talk to me almost everyday no matter how busy you are, I dont remember a day when you didnt leaved me an offline message, which i will miss soon. Sometimes even if we promised to meet on the net after you called up and even if i didnt shown up, you didnt get mad. And who will forget the day when i was so down, you were there to advice me of what i should and shouldnt have done next time. Enough of that coz i could just remember that night when i couldnt help but smile about the silly things we enjoyed sharing with.
To my babe i will miss you so much, but i guess we dont have a choice right now, you need this and perhaps we need this too. I will surely miss your voice, your offline message, the way you care and the silly and the non-silly things we have shared and laughed.
I was thinkin of the right word to end this, but i couldnt think of one.
Hope this one works :-(

When is Enough an Enough?

Dear heart,

I never failed in reminding you always to be very cardeful in all the things you do and you dont know. I always tells you to takes good care of yourself and dont allow others to stepped back on you and leave you breathless. I always tells you never to trust at the very first beat, learn to takes time and allow the feelings to grow, never rush and weigh things as possible. But you betrayed her once again, i dont know exactly what u did, but i find her crying and she didnt even bother to greet me like she usually did, she is thinking about you and wanting you so deep and intense. Ive told you once that she has done already all the stupidty in this world but that doesnt mean she doesnt deserves to be love, everybody is meant for somebody and i just want you to be wiser this time. Learn not to trust yourself but to trust me too, we should goes hand in hand so that she will not be hurt again and again and again. She said enough of the pain, she said once to me that she is already tired, isnt that enough reason for you to take good care of yourself so that you wont be broken again. Did you forgot that just last year, i have seen you breathless and into tiny little pieces, we have picked you up and my friend named "Time" takes good care of u. remember i allow you to be with him all the time until your healed, and now after a few months i was very happy to look at you, so fresh and so blomming, enough for me to realize that you are ready for a brand new start. And now look at you, you are falling in love again to man i never knew, how could i guide you when u dont even dare to introduce him to me. You once beg to leave you coz u were very sure about him, but i didnt, you're asking too much. Youre asking for a heartache again. How could i leave you at miseries, even if im on top there was no single day when i couldnt afford to reach you. Now pls leand me your hadn, lets think and beat for the person who beats and thinks for us.
Dont forget to rest, youre too tired now, if you cant sleep just think of me and ill beat for you.



Ideal Gifts

Do you have in mind already as to what present you will give to your love ones? probably you hav ein mind flowers or perhaps stuff toys or chocolates? Just a little pointer, every woman really dreams and wishes to receive flowers from the man they loved, its actually flattering and overwhelming feeling to received such gift. But eversince i really dont have stories to tell in valentines, my friends does have every heart's day celebration, they always receive flowers from their over romantic hubby. But there is one special event once in the celebration of love's day, When i was still at my work, i was shocked when a man handed one beautiful and red rose to me, exactly at my table, i asked him who gave that but to my dismay he didnt tell me as to who aked him to do that. Until the end of the day i really dont know who do that, the card just state "to the sweetest person ive ever known",hmmm he was sweet but i never knew who he was, my bestfriend whom the only man i ever am close with ended up courting me, we were best friends way back from our college years, he is always updated as to whom im dating with and every now and then, he would advice me if he thinks the man is not good to me. He is actually a playboy, yeah ive knew that, but i knew i am the only woman whom she cried with..hehhe. She would always tells me that im very bratty but to his note, i am the sweetest girl she ever know, no pretentions and just a real me. Before he left, he proposed to me, marriage proposal and it was the very first time he has done that. I was very touched the way he acted but eventually i realize that its also my fault being so close to him, maybe or maybe not he hadnt control his feelings as a guy or just maybe he has found his ideal girl in my personality. But whatever it is, i just missed him..i missed his sweetness always. I am not in touch anymore with him but i always wish for him to be happy in whoever arms he is right now.

Stressful day

The day is really so stressful, ive been into lots of transactions and that includes securing a copy of my bank statement, its really so long since i received then. I dont know what happened, but eventually i try to enroll my account into online banking at least i am sure and secure as in monitoring my daily banking transactions. I also went to an internet provider company to inquire about the fees and requirements. Im actually planning to install internet on our comp, i knew its really so tough but i realized that instead of going to the cafe every now and then why dont i just install and internet at home. I have already contacted an agent to that, but i knew i will face again a financial dilemma considering that i would have to think a lot of payments every month. But just crossing my finger that ill eventually get over all of those stuff.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Seriously ill

A neighbor so close to the family is really so ill, at first she been admitted to the hospital and theyve thought it was just an asthma attack, however after the lab tests was done, it was found out that she has alreday an acute respiratory infection. I feel pity for her children coz i knew theyre also not that well off, even for the medicines or milk, they couldnt even afford to sustan the medication for her. And just the other month her granddaughter just died because of respiratory infection. The baby was just a few months old when she encountered a battle of life. It was really terrifying especially when i saw the dead baby. I feel sorry for the family about these tragic events. Hopefully things will be better in the coming days.


While we were chatting with my honey pie, the connection suddendly came its way of interrupting us, the comp was shut down and it didnt work well for a few minutes, i dont know what happened but i am really so pissed. Imagine it was the first time we talked for a few days because of our busy sheds and of course our time difference. Ohhh my, i am freaking out, i missed him so much, babe if you read this, please know what happened, i try to get online and change comp but your not there anymore, i dont know what happened. I love u baby, sorry for everything..

Get Verified

Most probably to all my blogger friends out there who are on monetizing their blog you will agree with me that verifying your account at paypal is probably one of the few hard and complicated things to do as blogger. Many are still confused how they can transfer their earning from paypal to their local bank accounts, and i was not an exemption to that. All the while i was really in deep though at to how i will transfer my earnings to my local account without applying an eon card, to those who dont know what is ean, EON card is actually an internet cyber card, its like a debit card wherein its the most popular card in the country to those who have cyber accounts. Before i use to believe this is the only means i cant get my money at paypal. But hey guys i was wrong, ive been into deep reading and research into some useful information especially on some blogger friends out there. But thanks i get myself familiar with the FAQ of paypal, it does helps.
To those who have a local account their, u dont need to worry anymore or apply for an eon card eaither. Just add your account at paypal and follow the information needed. Its very helpful that u have to read the FAQ of paypal to make yourself updated and familiar. Dont rely on what you read on the net coz some things doesnt apply in your case, like mine. When all those i was worried in getting postal id or valid ids for my eon card, i was suddenly shocked when i checked my account and been surprised by the notice:that i just need to confirm my account and that paypal will just sends two small deposits and after which i will just check it in my bank statement and log in again to paypal and enter the amount to complete the verification process.
To sum up, heres what your need:

1. Add bank account - Add your bank account to your PayPal account
2. Paypal sends 2 small deposits - Start process to confirm bank account and get verified
3. Confirm bank account - check your statement for verification process
See guys, its not that complicated than what i used to believe before, just a matter of familiarizing ourself. Now we can enjoy blogging and earning. Ciao

Monday, February 1, 2010


Someone once asked me what my ideal guy is, is it someone so kind enough to be a very ideal husband? or someone who would hurt you not that ideal but real. I began to pause and think, would i choose the former or settle the one less chosen by many women. Somehow i began to believe that Divine Intervention is really true, once you pray and ask sincerely to GOD to give you a good man then somehow God will lead you to the right path, He will guide you every step of the way. When HE thinks the person you have right now will not do good in your life, HE will and HE would do somethin else to make you apart. THe pain is sometimes unbearable but as time flies you would eventually be thankful that it happened. When i promise to really get over with the man i once love, it was one of the most difficult decision i ever made, its like moving forward when your feet cant even move even a single space. Its like youre shoes had been glued right at that space because you wanted to hold on, you want for another try. Choosing to stay was not an option at that moment coz my heart knew that i was not anymore part of his dreams, but though i knew that holding on would just be painful, i decided to stay to know the saddest part of falling in love.
But when would enough is enough? is it when you finally realize that you cant breath anymore because of the tears and the pain that is dominating all over your body, or is it when you got over the pain, felt tired and suddenly be awaked by the thought that sometimes love means goodbye, that love is sometimes defined as letting go and wishing his happiness no matter how hard. That's what i did, when enough means cutting the rope so that i could move forward, its when leaving you sleepers right there and decided to move on even though how hard is it even to be barefooted. But at last i can say that ive made the right choice, ive decided to embrace the pain and accept the though that ive lost, i was defeated.
BUt though happy ending are just for movie and fantasies, im glad it had once happened in my life. His coming was very unexpected, I havent believe in him at first coz i was used to games and probably misjudged him. BUt id not give him any less of value, as time went by, i have finally proven that THe world is full of lessons and unending realizations. Its when you least expect him to be, is when he would suddenly prove his worth. Funny, God put things when you would suddenly have to think if this real. We really cant blame ourself from doubting if he is true and so as he, the distance is killing us. BUt wherever this path is leading to, one thing is for sure. I wouldnt forget the day he proved to my life, that its still best to wait.
Maybe our life has choices or is all about choices, it would be very easy for me to say that i would prefer my guy to be the one person so ideal, near perfect, after all thats what everbody is wishing for. But i choose not and decided not. Enough that i once had a mistake, and enough means being true, being realistic, being real. Its when you accept him as real when you would finally embrace life as an imperfect journey but worth of an experience.