Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Time Travel Forum

Whenever i have queries on just anything i cannot fully understand, i mostly tends to park myself with forum, you could see me registering all those forum sites. I always post questions so that members could reach out to me easily and in just a click i could have my answer immedietly. And to help you out on your futher dilemma, i recommend that you visit a time travel forum HDRKID Time Travel Forum, a forum about astral time travel. Im sure youll love to post and join forums with thousand of members. The moderator is very friendly and accomodating and youll surely finds your self enjoying and participating there.HDRKID is a forum on 4th dimension, it has over 25,000 members and still growing everyday. HDRKID is not only your typical travel solution but its your buddy in creating communities. See you there!

2012 movie

When i was in cebu i had the chance to watch the movie "2012", it was indeed a great movie and one of the best movie i ever watched. Its all about a story related to the end of the world. As Nostradamus has predicted its by December 21, 2012 that the ends of this planet will happen and as supported by the scientist, there will be an explosion that might happen after a comet might come in between our sun and the planet earth, this has a great effect as far as the gravity is concern and will result to heavy and massive floods. Its really a sad story and scary too coz youll absolutely see a lot of people dying and the way our dear planet will turn out to be like an ocean. Theres also a part of the story wherein a daugther bid goodbye to his father and just like everyone else its about expressing how much they value each other that could be heard until their last breath. Somehow it teaches a great important lesson to mankind, first to value our environment, learn to take good care of mother nature, second to express our love to our loved ones while theyre still alive and lastly we should not forget that we are just all temprary here, nothing is permamanent in this world and that our existence should always be a reminder that GOD exists and that if theres a beginning theres always an end. The most that we can do is to be prepared, not on material possesions but on our spiritual life, whatever the date of our end, we fear no one coz God is with us, we carry HIS promise on "whoever has faith in HIM will be survived"

The Meeting

Finally after 3 years of talking and loving each other, my lalabs and I finally met up last friday at cebu. It was such a sweet and unforgettable experience, At first I was so afraid and hesitant to meet him but afterwards i decided to really do it and set aside other thought. I was right, he was so good and nothing has change, he was still the same man i am dreaming of and im thankful that our dreams of finally meeting in person did came true. It was such a great memory for us and a great achievement for the relationship. First because after almost 4 years of waiting and 3 times of attemts to meet up, finally the much awaiting day came. I never thought i will love him much more than this, much more that i didnt really think that destiny plays really a big role in us. I am right that he deserves my love and what is important is that i dont have any regrets on that day. He was such a simple man that i adored so much from the start, and i guess all the questions and doubts has been set aside because he is such a great man. He is one of the few persons worth remembering in my life, wherever our paths may lead us, i cannot simply forget the man ive talked for 4 years, the same man who have shown understanding and patience in my stubborn and bratty days, that same great man who have shown me what true love is. Until this very day, i can still remember his sweet hugs, his warm breath, his sweet gestures, his lovable smile, our nonsense stories, our adventures, the way he holds my hand, the way he kissed me in the forehead to always reminds me not to worry, the moment he puts food in my plate first before he gets his own, the sincerity of his eyes, the compassionate kiss and most especially his greatest love that i wouldnt trade for anything in this world.