Thursday, October 15, 2009


hows your day guys? hope youre all fine guys, while on my part i did had a busy and stressful day, lots of reports and routinary appointments i have to meet. Well, before i took my flight to the land of dreams i wanna say thank u to all my visitors and a goodnight kiss too, miss you all.

Proud to be Pinoy

An Ofw working in Saudi Arabia is now an instant celibrity after he found a box full of money worth 1.2 riyals or more or less 15 million in Philippine Pesos.Lark Michael Colegado is from Tacloban City and is working as Automated Machine Teller Technician, that day he was asked by his boss to fix and ATM machine after it was been reported as defective, while he was doing the repair, he saw the box just behind him and when he found out the content of the box, he immedietly informed his superior and they reported it to proper authority. His honesty leads him to be admired not only by his collegues but by the Muslim in Saudi Arabia.