Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hiatus Mode

After quite some absence on the blogosphere, i am here giving update. I owe a lot to all my friends who had been visiting my blog thu i wasnt able to visit you back guys, Anyway, i have lots of things to share with you on this week, a lot of things happened and honestly i am not quite fine emotionally. Just this week, we decided to finally end our 1 and 3 months relationship with my bf, there were lots of factors that contributes to that end but neverthelless i am positive that this decision is the best decision we could ever decide on, not to complicate things more and to prevent further pains. Yes, i am so hurt and bitter because i felt i just wasted my time on him, i have sacrificed a lot for the relationship only to find out in the end that it will just turn into waste. He has another girl already and last night he told me he's not anymore in love with me, enough for me to move forward, enough for me to let go of the emotional roller coaster. No matter how hard the feeling i have right now, i am just thinking that God would not allow such things to happen to me if he is not thinkin of someone better to be paired off to me, i knew this is just one of his trials to me. Once again i am going a saddest part of my life, wish things will be well the soonest.