Monday, March 8, 2010 - SCAM

I just want to share with you guys about this fake agency concerning job recruitment. Once, i was able to register with the said online recruitment agency. Their service is providing jobs for Dubai, in all fields of specialization. At first i was amazed because their online site was really so impressive. Youll take a look at variety of job offer from different prestigeous frim in dubai. Youll get to be convinced that this agency is really so amazing. I was in fact emailed by one of the big firm in dubai saying that my resume is impressive and that they are looking for candidates like me but to avail of the shortlist from their firm, i must abide first with the rules and regulations sets by, and part of it was a service fee like 120 dollars if im not mistaken, then if youll be able to pay that one, then thats the time you will be prioritized in different hiring for big companies. Its like a service fee as far as they are concern. What pissed me off, is that they kept on sending me emails about my questionaire status and that i am very much qualified and bla bla bla.

Thanks Paypal

Well, enough of the rants for paypal, because ive been so blessed that they were so good to me. Instead of submitting a valid identification card, i was not required to do so, upon receiving my email about my said dilemma, they fixed it themselves for me. Ive thought im going to wait for another 4 days to edit my name but i was wrong, just after 8 hours, it was already fixed. So to paypal, My big thanks - youre truelly the best. Guaranteed Service..