Monday, July 12, 2010

Prize Live

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PAID $10 from SWOM

Wonderin whats this Swom? well u might be surprised if i tell u that this is not a PTC, a PPP nor a moneymaking sites, this is a social networking sites that pays you on all the things you do in the social network like facebook and friendster. If you are currently on hooked on planting at farmville, well think again, you better regiter at SWOM and give your full time here not only planting but harvesting real money. Isnt it worth the fun and effort? I also dont believe it that i was just get paid easily just by particpating in the community or even just posting some wall posts to other member and participating some discussions that wil earn me some molah. Now i really make sure i will be giving more time here than the rest and you know what what amazed me is that i have lots of friends their. Ive thought i would not known one ever there but i was wrong cause most of my friends are their and some new friends that i gain were really very friendly. See you guys at SWOM.

MOney Talks

make money online

I know everybody of us is searcging for the best way to earn online, though there are variety of means to earn bucks here, its still best to try them all, at least you have lots of sources too. For now, i am amazed that everyday i am oriented and ive found fabulous sites that are really good way to earn, first ive found mylot which by now i have already reached the minimum payout, second i registered at which i also completed 5 tasks their and now i have this new site '>WahTasks its also like microworkers, its set-up is relatively similar, you gte paid by completing small tasks which i knew ull love then, their minimum pay-out is also $10 and great great site.Common guys, register now.