Saturday, September 29, 2012

Do You Breath In Social Network?

Being social means being able to reach the world in just a snap of our finger. With the presence of social networking sites nowadays, announcing major breakthrough in your life is as easy as tapping the keyboard and pressing the publish button. Indeed, if you happen to share to your friends your meal, your new dress and your nonsense extra ordinary activities then i must say you breath for social networks.

Twitter, Facebook, MySpace are just few of the leading social networks today. You could say, it's a helpful tool to reach out to our friends and even far away relatives. But then using this responsibly is our sole discretion. Of course, no one does limits us from tapping the keyboard but we must know too that what we share to the world gives them the chance to know us intimately. For instance, i knew few people who do rantings, and bad mouthing other people through their walls and status bar.Sharing some mundane thoughts are sometimes their desserts and breakfast (lol). Reading them too makes me smile and yes, it made me judge them quickly. Sometimes, i read vulgar words and not so good choice of wordings at their own wall. Yes, we do have discretion over what we can share and what we want others to know. But hey, we don't  need other people's opinion on some of our very personal matter. Do you think shouting to the whole world about our rants and personal whine will simply make things right? I don't think so.

While it entertains me reading my friends whine, i couldn't help but think, what are we here for, to make the world know that we are fantastic? I just think, i hope our life will be as perfect as we want it to appear in social networks.

To cap this, While we live in a day and age where mobile phones and social networking sites allow us the flexibility to share our most mundane thoughts as well as the most intimate ones, practicing refrain is also a good idea, at times :)