Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years resolution

As 2009 comes, It becane the usual tradition to set our new years resolution for tghis coming year, its like what we want to do this year and avoiding mistakes and bad habits that we used to do on the previous year, Heres mine:

1, WEll i am most likely determined to eat less meat this year, i mean id like to be vegetarian, health concious this time.
2., I want to save more for renovation of the house and unlike this year i would buy less for me, coz ive observed that i have already bought lots of dress, shoes and bags. This time i want to concentrate for our house.
3. I want to be more kind and share more to those who need the most, I want to be more mabait this year..hahhaha
4. The last but not the least, i want to show to my love that he is my life and my only one, hopefully we could still work out what we have missed out this year, I promise to be good to you hon, and again sorry for everything that happened this year.

WElcome 2009

Happy New Year

A Very Happy New Year to one and all, I hope you do enjoy your new year celebration with your family. This season is celebrated mostly with our loved ones and especial someone, I do really enjoy our new years eve especially that we do had a party with my friends and relatives, it was indeed a bonding monents with us.