Sunday, October 30, 2011

Classy Corporate Uniforms

I was once a part of a Marketing team for few years. I was handling sales and the rest of the marketing departments. With the position, comes greater responsibility. I had huge workload and countless job descriptions. Because my position is on the operation side, it allows me to work as hard as i can in order to meet few objectives. Meetings are endless and so as my phone calls. There had been times where i coudnt sleep in a day becaus of too many things yet so little time. Hence, i never had regret being in a corporate world. This made me enjoy my exposure like meeting new acquintances and big personality in the industrial business. Another thing is i can enjoy fashionable corporate wear. Mind you guys, it had been my dream to wear a business inspired suits since i was a kid. In fact, i used to try my mom's high heels at home and pose at the mirror to see how it feels to wear such suits. Fortunately, i was lucky enough to enter the corporate world. There are lots of corporate uniforms to choose from but since we dont have specific uniform at the office. I usually mixed and match my closet for my daily corporate wear. I have an all range of slacks and printed polos for my business meetings. Most of my picks in my business attire composed of pastel or white colored suits. Its easier for me to choose a pants or footwear once i have light suit.

Like i saw for uniforms australia, most working women love to have colored business attires. I dont know whats with this prints but the modern day picked of uniforms is far more liberated and modern. Classy yet sophisticated corporate wear is the high end aim of most offices so its no surprising if you will be amazed with an executive with an appealing look. Speaking of appealing, i use to love and admire the health care uniforms because of their formal and clean appeal. Ohh well, i need to be in the medical field for me to try such outfits, right?. For the meantime, i will enjoy my liberty of my daily office wear with a smile and confidence.

Fun Sunday

There is a birthday celebration in one of our neighbors and i just smile big time when my sister took a photo of them. Its fun seeing those kids having a great time for a snacks. Ohhh, i missed being a kid although we were a favorite party invite of some kids parties during our time. My aunt who lives just a few walks from a former house hosted most parties since they are a well known villager. Her children are of the same age as ours so birthdays are as often as five times a year. At present, they already migrated to Canada and seldom they come home for a visit. If ill surely have excess budget, i will make a fabulous party for a niece. Hence, my mom will be celebrating her birthday this coming NOvember and i plan for a simple celebration. WE talked already with my love about the theme of the party and asked my other siblings for their respective menus. Gladly, most of them promised for a cake so i might probably just prepare other menus and desserts. Its just once a year that our mom celebrates their special day. So its just right to give them a good celebration, right guys? Stay in touch.

Sunday Share


Here are some of the latest pictures that i have - taken at home recently. Since i am in the mood to share and its been a while since i last share some images. Here is a glimpse to my personal cabinet.