Thursday, July 30, 2009

Victorias's Addict

My day was filled with suprises, i was asked by a certain friend to see his items, i was happy when i entered and saw a lot ot victorias secret items, isnt it great? I love all body mist of VC, i love them all, also their lotions, theyre so lovable, and just sweet by scent. They say that the moct sought after body spray is LOve SPell, also my friends told me about that. Well by tomorrow ill gonna buy that stuff, ill take photos of that and the gift wrap..hehehe.

New Again

New layout again..harharhar.. I am not satisfy with my previous choice so i immedietly change it today, it just simple but i like it,i love the way it was configured. Since i dont have money yet to purchase my webhosting, i decided to just stick first to free template courtesy of Soon i will really save for my webhosting.

A Rainy Morning

A Rainy morning everyone, Its not quite a good morning for me,hehhee, There was no light and water when i woke up today, too bad. The light resumed just 5 minutes ago enogh for me to charge my cellphone and check my email as well. I cant imagine my two phone was low batt. Good thing LEYECO was too good that they resumed the light as early as possible. Well, its raininig now in my place, its not surprising since its already mid of the year and a rainy season already..haysst time for me to go..