Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion Review

I've been complaining for a dark and roughy skin somewhere near my elbow. That part is where i lean on the table when i am doing some online works and that since the table i am using at home is somewhat tall so i love just leaning down both my elbows and i am already at ease typing and doing my thing online. Hence, i didn't noticed that said part will become roughy and turned darker as the weeks passed by. Perhaps its because it is directly rubbed down at the surface of the table and the rest im not sure why it appears that way.

 photo 5eb89baa-cb84-457b-8968-a1196d7d8571_zps8bbe8a14.jpg
It's really unpleasant to see and i decided to deal with that sometime ago. I started trying out petroleum jelly to give that skin part it's need moisture but to no avail, i also tried putting some moisturizing lotion so that it can penetrate some and for it to really turned fair but sad to say, it didn't turned out the way i want it. Until, i decided to try Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion.

 photo 0f747927-ca83-42f7-b2b4-b71c25ed87cb_zpsf3cb05e7.jpg

I read a lot of stories about Cetaphil lotion and i always thought that it's just for baby. When i decided to apply it on my dark and rough part of the elbow,it works perfectly. I tried putting a small portion of Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion to both parts and for few days, i noticed that it less rough and dry unlike before that i could see some skin flakes and it leaves a white mark when scratch. When i tried putting a small amount of this lotion, it really became smooth and the dryness was less visible. The mother told me to continue applying it and so far i am loving the result. I will surely post the result after a week or more.

Needless to say, this moisturizing lotion isn't just a brand know for true result but also a brand you should trust. For dry and sensitive skin then there's no brand true to it's promise that Cetaphil.

It works for me, try it!!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Luck and Knowledge Go Hand in Hand

A lot of people say that our destiny in this earth is predetermined by both luck and hardwork. I mean, i personally knew few people who became wealthy just because of their perseverance and little knowledge. I am not talking here of people who took up Master's degree or who had attended at some reputable universities. In fact, i am talking here of people who are college drop outs and worst who had not attended their high school at all yet successful in their own field of endeavor. Mostly these people ventures into their own business because of their continuous hope and determination.

While i believe that hard work works perfectly especially if you are passionate on your field, i also buy the idea that sometimes luck works and the very evident of that are the people who won in some instant betting games. I knew one who won twice and took home few millions in just a year. Isn't it a wow? Yes, it was really a nice experience on their end, imagine they just bought the ticket for few bucks and in return it changed their lives drastically. Well, all im saying is that, it's not bad at all to try your luck at casino i norge and who knows it's your turn to take home the pot money. The site offers incredible jackpot packages that you will surely be lured of trying and betting to win over your opponent. 

So next time you are at the midst of trying out those casino game or not then choose the former, you will never knew what will happen in the next few hours and before you knew it, you are enjoying the instant money and grateful for having had the chance to enjoy luxuries with no sweat.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Short Hair For Me

Happy sunday everyone, Finally we're enjoying a wifi soon and tomorrow the new desktop will be installed. So while, we are less busy and enjoying a fast connection, id like to make some updates here. Really, i love my speedy connection and i can load the site that fast. The phone is also installed and that i am planning to make an extention system in my room. The vacant place infront of the house is for a cafe and we will see if it's a profitable business on our end. Hopefully, i am planning to open up a printing service and encoding as well if my brother would agree that he would do some for the customers. I knew there are students here who would like to visit the cafe for research purposes and we would like to take advantage of that.

Anyway, i remember sharing in one of my posts that i am planning to have a short hair since it's kinda hot already. I havent touched my hair since i had it rebonded and thank God my hair is still as good as i want it to be. I manage to pamper it with hair spa treatment once a week and now i have it trimmed for the split ends. But over and above, id like to give credit to the best salon in town that did my hair rebond. They are really superb in terms of giving you quality service. But of course, i availed of a nice package so the quality is equally great.

So, How do you love my short hair?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Your Hobby Say's About Your Personality

A lot of people believed that their hobbies are just products of their wants and fancy's in life. I actually don't buy that idea, i mean when you began to love this thing, it is because you have set something before. For instance, you were a varsity of volleyball before and you wouldnt be on that sports if you don't love that thing, right? Perhaps, you have deleoped this love when you were still a child and eventuallt just developed over time but one thing is for sure, you have a deep passion for this long way before.

Thus, our hobbies and interests says a lot about us. For instance, i knew someone who love doing the puzzle. She is a mathematics wizard and i do knew that she loves numbers. Her addiction to puzzle just boils out from her love for numbers and it's not surprising since puzzle is also about analyzition and everything in between. Correct me if im wrong, the love for online casino's or even some betting game boils down from something. Mind you, it requires a thorough anaylsis so when you enjoy and beat your opponents on online roulette then it says something else. I don't think the game is bad when done with moderation especially if you just want to unwind. Well, gentlemen's if you want to discover your analytical standards then go ahead check out those games.

Bath & Body: Mango Mandarin Review

I think i was able to try Bath & Body twice. A friend then offered me a shower gel and a body spray and so far i had a nice experience on this. The brand offers a variety of scents and flavors to try. I also love how they love fruits and lightly scented combination which conjures a different kind of fantasy scent.

Lately, i am using Bath & Bondy Mango Mandarin lotion and it's really delicious and nicely scented. It penetrates on your skin and of course the mixture is smelly and not that sticky. I hate sticky mixture which leaves a residue on your skin. Their lotion will really makes you fresh and incredibly soft.

If you are in a look out for a unique scent that will make your lover snatch his attention then better try this flavor.It's hydrating and non-greasy formula is an ultimate total body moisturizer.


Smell - 5 stars
Formula - 3 stars
Moisturizing Effect - 5 stars
Over all - 4 stars

Like and Recommended.

Bath and Body is available at Amazon or you may check out their website.

Monday, September 16, 2013

For The Love of Nail Polish

Ever since i became a little vain, i started putting colors on my nails and sometimes it became a habit and addiction already that a month won't pass without having my manicure, pedicure and change of nail polish. I can go for any brand and any color for as long as i love wearing it. But there are times that i have preference on the color like dark shades and brands i mostly settle with for the longevity or the polish.

I just love wearing SanSan nail polish these days because of its sticky and quality shades. It offers a nice combination on your nails and of course it lasts for as long as you want. I have few polish in my kit and i love collecting few colors especially those that offers great shades to my nails. I usually change polish whenever i want and whenev i got tired of my shades. 

What i love about SanSan is it'ssticky appeal of mixture. Unlike othe polish that is watery like, this nail polish is really worth of the price you're paying. They also have a unique shades to choose from and of course it's vibrant appeal to your nails is simply irressitible.

Monday, September 9, 2013

My Monday and Online Thingy

At last, i find time to update this blog of mine. I was busy writing few articles on my writing hub and went to the city to run some offline errands. I'm back with my delicious siomai and that i was craving for this all along so i decided to get something today.

So, time for work now. I just emailed back some advertisers which emailed back on me after i write to them regarding blog advertisement on my end. Hopefullyy, all will be well and we will come to a deal.

It's few days more before my birthday and i am grateful for all the blessings that i am enjoying every now and then. I am also in contact for a long time online work, please pray that i will be pick:)

Have a Great Day Bloggers!!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Firmoo Free Glasses Update in September (Episode 1)

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Good Morning

How is doing on your end guys?

Apologize if i haven't updated the site.I have just so many things to do down here and that though i want to update all of my sites, i couldn't because of my other endeavors. Good thing, i was able to do some reviews yesterday before i head on to the city and now i am cramming again because i need to attend the first Wednesday mass today. I have to get first my partner's money and then go straight to the church. I hope i can finish all my backlogs too. 

Before that, i have to fill out the campaigns that are for invitations and i am done. So, Have a great Wednesday ahead guys!!