Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bath & Body: Mango Mandarin Review

I think i was able to try Bath & Body twice. A friend then offered me a shower gel and a body spray and so far i had a nice experience on this. The brand offers a variety of scents and flavors to try. I also love how they love fruits and lightly scented combination which conjures a different kind of fantasy scent.

Lately, i am using Bath & Bondy Mango Mandarin lotion and it's really delicious and nicely scented. It penetrates on your skin and of course the mixture is smelly and not that sticky. I hate sticky mixture which leaves a residue on your skin. Their lotion will really makes you fresh and incredibly soft.

If you are in a look out for a unique scent that will make your lover snatch his attention then better try this flavor.It's hydrating and non-greasy formula is an ultimate total body moisturizer.


Smell - 5 stars
Formula - 3 stars
Moisturizing Effect - 5 stars
Over all - 4 stars

Like and Recommended.

Bath and Body is available at Amazon or you may check out their website.