Thursday, September 19, 2013

Your Hobby Say's About Your Personality

A lot of people believed that their hobbies are just products of their wants and fancy's in life. I actually don't buy that idea, i mean when you began to love this thing, it is because you have set something before. For instance, you were a varsity of volleyball before and you wouldnt be on that sports if you don't love that thing, right? Perhaps, you have deleoped this love when you were still a child and eventuallt just developed over time but one thing is for sure, you have a deep passion for this long way before.

Thus, our hobbies and interests says a lot about us. For instance, i knew someone who love doing the puzzle. She is a mathematics wizard and i do knew that she loves numbers. Her addiction to puzzle just boils out from her love for numbers and it's not surprising since puzzle is also about analyzition and everything in between. Correct me if im wrong, the love for online casino's or even some betting game boils down from something. Mind you, it requires a thorough anaylsis so when you enjoy and beat your opponents on online roulette then it says something else. I don't think the game is bad when done with moderation especially if you just want to unwind. Well, gentlemen's if you want to discover your analytical standards then go ahead check out those games.