Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Excellent Year for Me?

..crossing my finger...

I just read somewhere that this is an excellent year for me. I am a Oxen (year of the Ox) Last year i was predicted to have a great year and i guess i did and now as the horoscope read it will be an excellent, far better than great. Is it true? Hopefully:

here's an excerpt to what i've been reading:

Fire Snake in a Water Year. 

 As the Water Year destroys the Fire Snake weakening it, this is an inauspicious year.

 Birth Element which will enjoy a favourable/unfavourable year etc. 

Strong Metal, weak Water, weak Wood weak 
Metal, Strong Wood, weak Fire 

 Compatible Animal Signs this year:- 

Excellent - Rooster, Ox 
Avoid - Tiger, Snake, Pig 

 Good Travel Direction this year:- 

Metal - North-West/West 
Water - North

Here are more:

If you belong to the Year of the Ox 2013 (after the Year of the Dragon in 2012) should be a good year for you. 2013 is the Year of the Snake. 2013 is thought to be a lucky year by many (because the snake resembles the dragon, and the dragon is the luckiest zodiac animal of all). So, combining the good fortune of the snake and the good luck of the dragon, 2013 should be pretty good.

Source: here

Well, its just predictions but i really feel inspired and motivated when i read such heartwarming stuff. I don't know why i believe that but mostly it works for me. For instance last year, i had a great journey and on the first month i read that i will have a smooth-sailing sails on the said year. True indeed, i was blessed with unexpected blessings. Hopefully, the predictions works perfectly on me.Thus, did you know the feeling of positive vibes at the start of the year. Yeah, i can feel a nice magnetic drive for this year and hopefully it will bring good things to me and to my loved ones.

Good luck to this lucky year folks!!!