Thursday, May 31, 2012

Your Edge When Getting an SEO Expert

Im sure its not the first time you hear about "Search Engine Optimization". As with me, i heard this words a couple of times yet i still cant figure out how this one works and why its essential. For all we knew, every site administrators want a top slot at the search engines. I do fancy for that too knowing that when i get a high ranks search engine positions then it does mean more business and more advertisers. But then, that dream of mine and of yours is not easy to attain, you do agree too, right? Unless of course, you analyse the right algorithms of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others or you're an SEO expert yourself.

But well, how about a typical browsers who knows nothing than mere tapping of keyboard. Like me, i dont know even editing html codes nor does i have the right knowledge regarding pare rank computations and the like stuff. This and right here, we need the help of an SEO expert. So what do they do? How much do they charge us and what are the benefits and our edges when we do hire one. First off, why do we need to get an SEO expert? Let me just emphasize first that its not actually a need to get one rather its an option. I would consider getting an SEO help a perfect alternative if you are really investing bigtime in your site. Well, if you want an ROI in less than a year then they know for sure what to do, second, an SEO expert can guide you in your keywords stuff and their density so you will be gaining that slots in the search engines naturally and not exactly luring traffic. As with this stuff, an SEO company knows exactly how to get the right traffic with their own techniques and not just getting any possible traffic regardless of the means in doing so. It means "ethical practice". That's exactly what you can get at

Finally, if you want to get an effective and perfect SEO solution then i need not to suggest where you can get the best. Check out the site ive shared and experience a benefit beyond compare.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Something To Cherish

I was having some notes writing as to what to write on this portal. i knew, you can observed too that the site is over crowded with links and paid posts. Well, who am i to reject molah? Of course, i am tempted to accept any writings for as long as i am compensated for it (wink*). Anyway, tonight i am blessed to have a bright post idea for this portal. I remember taking some photos of the collections i kept few years. The start was this was when our next room from our office was rented by this lady who is into buy and sell business. She would buy home merchandise from abroad and sell it here with a nice profit. On her first venture, i was not most likely interested in getting somethings since i am just living alone but after two years, i got myself interested in investing on some home collectible items. So here's the first one:


Its actually made up of crystal clear appearance. Its glossy and its indeed an eye catchy decoratice. At that time, i was doing some carpentry work for a mini bar somewhere at the kitchen, so i am scouting for a wine holder and some piece of decorative. Im glad, the owner asked me to get five of this set in a lay away plan. Its quite pricey, as already expected but then i realised its a good investment. So, along with a wine holder and this crystal like fruit decorative, my mini wine area was finally materialised.Funny, but most of my friends love this pieces and they were asking where i was able to buy it. As they say, great items comes at some rare days.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Love This Wireless Doorbell

Its a fine Sunday morning and I woke up so late because of some activities I attended last night. Therefore I can see the bright sun smiling bigtime. So, if theres one thing that makes me smile these days, its the romance and thoughts of love I'm keeping within me. I'm enjoying some wonderful moments with the apple of my eye and the things that we're planning together makes me so excited! On a lighter note, my sister will be coming home in the few days. In fact. we had a long conversation last night and I am already excited for her to arrive. As of this typing, she is taking her last batch of exams until tomorrow. With our coming festivity, the novena already started, we are in the midst of preparations. Some of the carpentry work is almost finished and on one of my errands to the city I looked for a wireless doorbell . I'm just amazed at this kind of doorbell because aside from the fact that it needs no messy wiring, it is also very convenient for any homeowner knowing that a visitor can just use the doorbell in case he needs to see us. Well, it requires a little budget and appropriate planning. I don't think its perfect for us now knowing that we have a few expenses in the queue. Well, I hope you're enjoying your Sundays guys. Don't forget to hear mass later.

Wireless Intercom For Office Needs

If theres one thing that I'd love to give a full thumbs up to in today's innovation, its the development of some impressive wireless tools that truly make things convenient. For instance, with the invention of hidden cameras, you can monitor your premises and of course you can be assured of your family's security even if you're on vacation. Just imagine monitoring them 24/7 and having a full access to what they're doing, it's truly a magnificient idea, isn't it?

 Another tool I am impressed with is the invention of the wireless intercom . If I was born at the time where there was no intercom yet, then I would probably have varicose veins from going up and down the stairs, tending to the personal needs of my superior. Case in point, if my boss has something to ask from me or he needs some reports at that moment, he would just give me a messsage through wireless intercom and I need not to be at his office and be his shadow all the time. Isnt' that impressive? Aside from that, the wireless thing is really a big deal. You dont need to deal with messy wires and of course your movement will not be limited like it is when you are on wires. I guess the boss was right when he asked me to buy this wireless device!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Another Site to Launch

..Soon...I just bought a prime domain and will be processing a webhost service, so please bear with me guys as i am few steps away in fulfilling another goal for this year. I always fancy for a prime domain due to its marketable value and now that ive got the chance, i immediately bought it with another free domain. So, ill be launching a new site soon and another one next month. Its such a tough idea but then im aiming for something else and i am targetting more molah in my account - greedy me. (wink*)

So, im happy that at last i fulfilled another resolution in the midst of this year. Actually, i am already working on its content and with my advertisers at bay im sure i can make this new blog a successful one like my first niche. Kudon to me!!!!

So, May had been a productive month for me. I just want to thank the Divine Provider for all these blessings.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday Folks. So how would you spend the day? Mine is totally for my online tasks. I got a review order and it's basically a big client so i have to read some of his ebooks before i can publish the review. The pay is awesome so i need to work this out the soonest. Im just thankful, i have this opportunity to receive such easy means of money for work i am passionate about.

I hope i could give justice to the product but then knowing how much i am compensated for this just makes my day a truly blessed one.

Thank you my God for everything.

Friday, May 25, 2012

She Deserves a Space

Modesty aside, i cant help giving my sister a sole space for this month. Her achievement is truly one of a kind and our sacrfices is truly worth it. With a humble heart, id like to share the little triumph that we are enjoying. She recently was offered by a top Auditing firm in the country and that's no less than SGV & Co.

For a brief background,


SyCip Gorres Velayo & Co. (SGV & Co.) SGV & Co. is currently the Philippines' largest multidisciplinary professional services firm with eight offices across the country. The Firm employs over 3,100 professionals from various disciplines delivering value-added services to over 6,000 esteemed clients.

We provide integrated solutions that draw on diverse and deep competencies in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services. We uphold the highest standards of quality. In fact, SGV & Co. remains the only ISO 9001-certified professional services firm in the Philippines – a distinction we have maintained since 1996. Our track record has remained unmatched in the region. We have accumulated invaluable resources in our 66 years of operations - highly qualified and competent staff, state-of-the-art facilities and an enviable international network.

SGV & Co. is a member practice of Ernst & Young, a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services. Worldwide, its 152,000 people are united by shared values and an unwavering commitment to quality. SGV & Co. and Ernst & Young make a difference by helping our people, clients and wider communities achieve their potential.


My sister was among the few passers who got an excellent mark, she got the highest score at their review center and was immediately offered by few auditing firms before she leaved the place. I was amazed of the letter from SGV & Co and realized that they are really pirate and get elite people from the field. Its no easy to get an eye to such prestige firm and im proud of the fact that my sister was top pick by the firm. If you are still clueless about this firm, well you might just pay attention to some of the television shows and sometimes they appear to be the obeserver and mostly they are the sought after auditing firm for multi company.

As of the moment, my sister is still undecided if she will take the offer. She is willing to work at our local for some personal reasons. But im pretty sure, wherever she decided to leave her mark, she will remained to be sought after wherever she leaves her curriculum vitae.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

CPA Board Exam - May 2012

My sister was among the hopeful applicants of the recent brain test for Certified Public Accountants. They flew to their review center six months before the examination date. After a vigorous review processes and other trials in between, we can now proudly associate the word CPA after her name.

For other details, here are a quick glimpse to the over-all result:


As with the lists of passers, you can check out the PRC website. Here's just a quick list:


To my sister, Thank you for making us so proud of you. You made it with flying colors. In fact, her avarage was points to go for the tenth spot for placer. But then, nothing is more rewarding than knowing that she has made us all proud. In any case, it aint' easy to pass the board exam much more than gaining such average.A lot of things contribute to the success, she had been motivated by a lot of people and few of our critiques. Well, its an exciting triumph to share. Going back, to the moments where she was worstly treated at least those experienced of her bring rewarding toil. I remember her crying still when she remembered the time where she was belittled infront of her collegues and now look what she've got. The time where they were so proud of what they did. Indeed, God is so good, HE blessed the right people. Don't you think?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

She Made IT!!! The New CPA

Hurray, my sister just passed the recent CPA board exam and we cant thank you enough to my God for giving us bountiful blessings. Our prayers had been answered and i want to hug our Lord for being so good to our family. She will be returning home in the next few days and whay can i say, thanks for all the prayers. Our journey has finally ended. We survived the test and we made it...

Thank You LORD  Jesus!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Sneak Peek at Stylish Cool Vests

Ive been complaining these days about the extreme heat that really is unbearable. If you happen to live where I live, you can surely say that we are so much blessed with a bright sun. I don't know if its the global warming stuff but the heat in the sun rays is truly alarming. There was even a time where I was walking in the city and with just an hour of exposure I got a mild sunburn. Good thing, I was using a sunblock cream on my face so it is not directly affected. When it gets this hot, heat stroke is also more likely, especially for people who work outside. I remember a friend of the family who just died recently because of heat stroke after working all day under the hot sun.
Thing is, we should know how to protect our body against direct exposure to the sun. A Cool Vest is a great idea these days, especially for people who must stay outside in the heat. The vest actually helps your body maintain an average body temperature and thereby protecting you from heat stress. It increases your physical comfort and provides personal body cooling. But of course, i should mention these vests come in some very stylish designs so you can look cool and feel cool at the same time! You can choose from a plethora of colors and amazing designs of Cool Vests at reasonable price. So folks, working outside in the hot summer sun isn't a problem anymore. You can stay safe and comfortable in a cooling vest.

Saturday Ideas

As you all know guys, this is the day ive been looking forward to. I can rest and i can work on my online tasks. It had been a busy week for me. I picked up stuff for our coming festivity and i also worked on my articles in between. Im so glad ive been so productive this month. Just today, i worked on a paid review for a well known site and knowing how they pay lavishly is a good way to start my day.

But then, i still have pending works to do at LL so expect more postings than the usual but then i promised to make an interim post so just i could just prevent those over linking stuff on my blog. I surely love blogging. Have a blessed saturday guys!

Popcorn Machines , Surely a Good Venture

Have you ever thought about owning a popcorn business? Well, if you really are interested then maybe you can lend an eye to this post. Surely, a popcoren venture will be a hit business. Not only because of its affordability but moreover, people do love to munch this food. Maybe a good location like in front of a movie house will surely make a big difference. Honestly, I use to be curious about this explosive expansion of kernels and the popcorn machines are kind of fun to watch. The good thing is you surely can add different flavors to your popcorn, and unlike the regular corn, its easy to munch and its indeed tasty. My friend used to have her own vending machine but as she didn't need the bigger quantities the machine made, she started doing the popcorn thing using her microwave. She would just add a little butter then thats it, time to munch.
Yes, i would agree that nothing beats the output of a popcorn machine in terms of how good it tastes, it is just like the yummy stuff you buy but in the movie theater, but for me the microwave way will do. So how much do you think is the cost of some popcorn machines ? For a business, a stall in the mall or at the market is a great idea. Just having this thought, as so many people love popcorn, and there are so many different flavors you can add, I'm sure it will profitable if you put your machine in the right place. A stall at the nearby school will also be a great pick.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Two Souls Beating as One

We all have stories to share. I have mine and you have your fair share too. I used to have a sob endings before but im just one of those few lucky girls who have finally end their search with a smile. How lucky i am indeed for having such a man to protect me, to provide my needs and to oversee my welfare each single day. He is happy when im well, he is sad when im sick. We share smile with each of our accomplishments and we uplift each other when our heart is broke. To people out there who finally found the missing puzzle, Cheers!


To my one and only honey pie, Thank you for completing me and Im just so happy i have you. With all the bout of life that i went through, you're indeed a fair bargain. I love you much!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Got Surprised...

...when i found out that the new boss of the nearby mall is a good friend of mine. Ohh yes, i was picking up some stuff for our festivity when this lady approached me and to my surprise she was so dear to me. I couldnt think of the right words to say but i am really in deep joy and i was a bit excited. She was my companion and my constant buddy in my previous work place and she is really super close to me. Now im happy that i have someone to chitchat in my free time and she will visit me on our festivity. Im super excited knowing that she is just near with me. I can hang out at her office and we can now bond together. Im really happy that she's here. To mam erms, you're just one of the few people worth keeping for. Im happy you are finally here..

Friday, May 11, 2012

Popcorn Business

Thank God im in the mood to write thats why i started this post before i lose that sense of passion again. I wonder how is it like to be completely mentally blocked. I mean the type where i would lose all my senses and consciousness. God Forbids, hehehe.
Well, as i was saying my mood started perfectly today for some reasons. Do i need to write it here, ohh no..I love to keep some private things solely for keep. So my day was as usual addressing some errands that i have to do other than great things. Maybe shopping, i love it and i did it once more. At least, i could reap some fruits of a hard earned labor. As i was preparing for home, i dropped by at a stall to take out some foods and fruits. I saw this popcorn stall and i was really enticed to buy some and i did for crave sake.

 I take out some and eat it on my way home, timely as my aunt was with the same jeep as i do. We chitchat to death while munching some. I told her that if we want to get into partnership then a popcorn business is a great choice. She asked how much it will costs us to get a popcorn machine and told her, not that costly compared to other franchise investment. Well, someday we could have our own investment and i always dream for that.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Fashion Hub For Your Posh Taste

Who wouldnt want to shop or wear designer clothes? A shopping spree is an every woman's dream, right girls? Well if i will be given the chance to do so then i will fly immediately and shop till i drop. But, if theres one thing that makes shopping a lot handy now is the presence of online stores that caters same service and merchandise as with the typical boutique nearby. In fact, you can see the widest assortments and fantastic goods in some online portals plus you can shop 24/7 a day and as you see the convenience it brings is endless.

Talking about online stores, which is your favorite hub nowadays? How many times do you shop in a month? Perhaps, if ill guess it right you can shop multiple times in a week and reserved statement clothes that gives a glittering spark to your eyes. That's nothing to be ashamed of knowing that girls nowadays are a lot more confident and fashionable. Its safe to say that its all about knowing how to wear the items and confidently posing with smile. Thats the long time secrets of well-known models.


So, i found a posh style of jacket and i really felt in love to sport jackets  and  to Kaufwelt Baur. The style is one of the best ive seen so far and i love the variations of colors available. I also found out that the online hub doesnt just sell limited commodities but a one stop store for your basic merchandise. They also sell Fashion Accessories Coats; Jackets, Work Fashion Swimwear, Basics Jackets Jeans, Ties Coats Perfume; Care Sweaters; Sweater Polo Shirts, Jackets Jeans Shirts Shorts. If you need some sun protection stuff then you can shop for  Bermudas Sunglasses Sportswear Sweaters and Sweatshirts. They also have a plethora of choice for Jackets Bags & men's shirts. While if you need Luggage Watches wash west topics and Brandnew Summerworld Jeans then you can easily shop for them here. 

Apart from those stuff, i also find the store impressive because they do not only cater for ladies nor men needs. Im glad they also have Shoes Sport Fashion Bags and even Exchange Maternity & Nursing Clothes Underwear; Swimwear Equipment Car Seats; Accessories Baby Home Textiles Baby Furniture Baby Carriers; Rocker Dining Children's Home Textiles Children Furniture Strollers; BuggiesKörperpflege Health ; Safety School Supplies Cases and a lot more. You can also get Cinque Altenkunstadt at an affordable price.

So next time you shop online, visit .Your one stop store for your chic and stylish wear.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Install Driveway Alarms When You're Booked for Vacation

Summer time is the perfect time for a much deserved vacay. I mean the entire year, we are bombarded with stressful days and mostly our time is much more on office and work related errands. I must say that we all need time for pampering. Bringing the entire family to a vacation is such a fantastic idea. So, search now for the ideal destination and book your flight.

But before you leave your house, please bear in mind the following. Check your door locks, always make sure all your valuables are at the safest place and of course avoid telling anyone about the trip especially if you dont trust the person so well. If no one is left at the house, its important that all doors are at its safest condition. Locks are okey and alarms are activated.

Talking about alarms, i find this really essential for safety purposes especially nowadays that crimes happened even at the safest place on earth. Thus, if you are leaving for a month vacation and you still have cars left at your driveway then you should need to install driveway alarms or maybe a need to put up a entryway alert is a sound idea. Not only that you keep your premise safe from culprits but also it would create hindrance to possible thieves. A wireless doorbell is a great find for me too. Not only that it gives state of the art equipment installed at your house but also, it provides convenience and added safety measure.

Well. with the advent of technology, you dont need dogs anymore to bark strangers. You just need alarm equipments who would take care of your safety all the time. Yes, they dont bark but they monitor your permise all the time. No need for maintenance coz when you install them, its like a dog watching your gate 24 hours and seven days a week.

Iron Supplements that Works

Talking about taking care of our health, well its on top of my lists now. I was never been as conscious as i am now. Reason, as we get older, we tend to focus more on our health. Perhaps, thats one reason why some aged people tend to exercise a lot and get a daily dose of vitamins. Im sure if you ask them if they do it at their younger years, they will surely tell you, they just do it now.

Like them, i am never been as caring to my body until this time. Remembering those days where i just take a bath on the rain, care no more with the flu and of course eat anything i want. But today, i choose my food. At least, a fish and vegetable in the daily serving is perfect for me. I just recently had a fair share of painful knee which i blame it too much eating of protein foods and i am indeed right when i asked my brother is he feels the same. Good thing he gave me iron supplements and Jarrow Formulas. The pain was bearable but then i don't want to deal with it as often as possible so taking the right med for it is appropriate. Anyway, he told me also about the importance of taking Metagenics and i want to get it if i have time. But then, when i search the web about such med, i found out that i can purchase it online at Its such a convenience.

So instead of taking my daily dose of pain relievers or any other herbal medicines, ill just get some iron supplements that are really worth every penny that i pay. I have nothing againts herbal med. In fact, they are of trend now but then i choose to take drugs that are proven effective and safe.

Finest Bariatic Supplements

If i do have i choice on my diet regimen, then i would gladly pick something that is not much on hardwork. I mean going to the gym regularly is not my best choice. Aside from the fact that i am not a morning person, i still can't control my food intake and in the end, my supposed diet fitness would just turned into waste. I would gladly take the advice of a good friend who choose to eat what she wants but skip eating a full dinner. In that way, she could eat her favorite food but will just mimimize full meal after six pm. I just believe that it works perfectly because aside from the fact that metabolism at night is slow. Getting just a little food intake at night would also gets you less stored fats.

In any case, i still have another option. Have you heared about Bariatic way of shedding out unwanted fats? WEll, bariatic loss weight plans are amazing. You get to eat palatable foods while taking less fats. You can even eat chocolates and other mouth watering food as long as you take your daily bariatic supplements. Well, i guess i find my perfect partner and will surely recommends bariatric diet to my friends.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Another Earning Platform

Well, another reason to celebrate. I have finally made a new earning platform and for few weeks that they finally overhaul my account. Its finally done. The great news, i just signed up for a get paid to do work and i got an opps immediately. Thanks to my mentor Keanna. She is awesome and she is paid few hundreds in just a month. She inspired me to try my luck here and i did. I just did my task and i am craving for more..

Im still on the process of signing my account to other sites and im sure i will have productive day ahead of me. Well, ive already conquired few avenues and as the days passed i am getting excited and amazed of how internet have so many ways to earn bucks. My writing endeavors is one of the things im passionate about. I can't help but brag how i earn so easily and up until this day, one of my favorite ways to millions.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Its Designed For Your Profiting!

I used to be a fan of coupons not only because it gives me so much savings but more importantly because it gives me a different feeling knowing that i shop for less cash while i purchase more. In one way or the other, its profiting is geared towards our ends and who wouldn't want to take advantage of a shopping coupons, not i of course. Fact, today's consumers are very much smart and are keen into details. Some are willing to purchase quality goods in exchange of pretty costly price. Its because they desire for high end merchandise. And, if you get the goods at its fine quality and at its lowest cost then it deserves a repurchase, right? BUt then right now, you dont need to worry when you can get that deal again coz the use of coupons in purchasing for your shopping goods is just at the tip of your fingers.

For instance, for your toilletries needs, you dont need to buy bulk in order for you to save few bucks because just by using cottonelle coupons, you can take advantage of an amazing price off. If you're curious where you'll get cottonelle coupons then worry no more because they are usually advertise in both print and electronic media. You just need to watch out for it and enjoy a lavish shopping for your favorite cottonelle products. NOnetheless, you should always bear in mind the validity of the coupons. Make sure the one you're using is within its validity period. Check out its expiry date and use it before its due dates. But then, you still have last ticket before you throw the coupon. You can renew it anytime and you just need to visit or email an inquiry to their headquarters.

Anyway, why is cottonelle coupons a must have for every consumer? Well, as we all know we shop for our monthly basic necessities and our toilet essentials is part of those. In one way or the other, you will buy for your toilet needs and instead of paying the full price, isnt it pretty good to pay at a price off just by using this little piece of paper. I know there's absolutely no harm in presenting this coupons and saving few bucks will ultimately help in cutting down your expenses. So, cottonelle toiletries is not just a fly by night company. It is in fact from Kimberly Clarck which is a well-known consumer goods manufacturer. Cottonelle products includes, toilet papers, tissue, wipes and other toiletries. If you doubt the quality, then go ahead check out the company profile. I tell you, the're worth of every penny you buy. I can assure of impressive quality in terms of softness and strength. So, its just right to say that your coupons is not a negotiable terms for the quality. In fact, it will works perfectly for your end.

So mothers out there, next time you do your grocery, check out first your newspaper if there are some printable coupons or maybe the magazine you're reading has a slot for you. Having a cottonelle coupons with you, will just make your shopping experience extra wonderful.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

One of a Kind Doorbells

So, if you have the chance to remodel your home, would you do it? Im sure its a big "YES", right? Who woudnt want to live in a home where you feel like a princess. Like you, i also dream of having my own roof where i could find serenity and a place where love resides. I dont see the use of a huge mansion with two people just living in it and worst with a not so good terms. I dont think ill ever choose to live there and if ill have a choice, i will just go for a small hut.

So, remodeling a house is as stressful as you think it is. Apart from the fact that you need a professional help in all its architectural and engineering stuff. You also need to be ready financially so that your expenses won't break banks.You have to carefully check out your pick on doorbell, wireless doorbells and wireless door chime. It aint easy to find one that is sturdy while reasonable cost.Also, there are plethora of models and designs which will add on to your confusion but then once you follow the professional's advise then there's no way you will be stressed on getting your materials.

So, are you ready for a remodelling?

I Feel So Blessed

I guess this is my month an i already claim it. The start of it is super fantastic and i wannakeep it to myself. All i want to share is that God is so marvelous. He is so good once you are a faithful servants. He gave so many blessings and graces that just proves to me how much i am loved. So, i just read my horoscope today and its so true.....
Before the Moon enters your sign later today, it makes a mild and helpful aspect with Saturn, and you should find this rather reassuring, Virgo. It's likely that any problems you've been having with others get resolved, not through revenge, but through your own powers of reason and sober judgment. There is also, on a completely different note, a chance that you'll receive some kind of financial aid or a gift from an anonymous or unknown source. This won't be something that occurs regularly, so be grateful and enjoy it

Amazing, how did they knew about it..Anyway, enjoy the rest of the day guys and stay blessed. Before ill publish, i just want to thank my other half for overseeing me and making my life a wonderful journey. I just cant find anymore a man as loving and as sweet as he is. I love you so much my honey.