Sunday, August 8, 2010

Victorias Secret Eau de Toilette Spray / SALE FOR ONLY 1,850 php

Hi guys, i would like you to see this items of mine, Victorias Secret - Strawberries and Champaigne / Coconut Passion for only 1,850 php. My friend sent me a lot of perfumes and body spray and since i cant use them all i am selling this to a very low low price, just imagine the small bottle of this costs 850 pesos while this e120ml or 4fl oz - i am selling at a very affordable price.
- shipment will be via dhl or air21 depends on the availablity
- payment can be thru paypal, direct deposit or any money exchange outlets
- please add 40 pesos for the delivery fee.
- the stocks is only limited so early buyer can take the product.

Got MY First Payment

Got my first payment form neobux, i decided to cash it out and i made it instantly, its just $5.80 but its still wonderful, hope to have more payments form neobux. What are u waiting guys, sign up and have an amazing way to earn