Monday, January 30, 2012

Wonderful Monday

How was your day folks? I hope its fine and i do hope all your wishes for this day do come true. Yours truly is still stacked and busy at work. Hence, i was also busy writing my budget to the honey. He wanted me to email the list of medicines for my mom and how much it costs. We are doing our budget since my mom will go back again to the nearby city for her check up. Good thing, no serious stuff found on my mom's throats yet the doctor advised us to give her food the is rich in iron. My parents will then go back next month for my mom's check up and stay for quite sometime there. My dad loves it there, he often smile from ear to ear whenever he reminisce their trip together. He would let me feel envious while telling me how they had fun travelling, eating at luxurious restaurant and when they visited a ship which was so antique. Gracious, my mom and dad visited too a bar one fine night and end up going home so late. Maybe, its the perfect time for them to enjoy a little.If i can fix all my expenses, im planning to ask my honey to give them a surprise tour somewhere. I'm sure my hubby would support me all the way. Enough for now, Have a marvelous day.