Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love Battles

..with all the achings inside, i believe some hearts dont survive, i just cant help but feel so sad because i feel the emptiness and the feeling of being alone for quite some time, i feel unloved.
I remember last year, it was really so hard in my part, coz i was in the process of moving, painful experienced from past. The scars he left was indeed incurable, until now it always puzzles me why i had been in such terrible situation, loving someone who doesnt love you anymore, running after him, being stupid and loving quitely. After quite some, i have moved forward from life, and here i am a better person, a new and improved me, but still fighting love battles, of winning, of losing, of moving on, of hoping and desperately seeking for a little love from someone who could never be mine.

Pink Heart

Happy Love Months Everyone!
" Be kinder when neccessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of a battle"

OPPS please....

hmmmmmmm, i need to catche more opps today, as i had been quite a few days since i grab opps, please PPP give me just one, i need to save molah,,hope i can grab one today, please pray for me guys...

How are you?

Peeps...how's your day doing? well as for me i am having quite an easy and enjoyable day, no hassle, no pressures and all the burden i had before, thats because i dont have dressing for today and i am quite at peace now coz i dont have TD's and salesforece that calls me often times, well that only good for a few days.. Thats an update for now...ciao