Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another Storm Signal

I heard from the radio that my place is included in the storm warning and i am a bit worried coz we are flood prone area. I just arrived from downtown. I had my check up and bought few things. I noticed less people at the mall and maybe people are a bit lazy to go out. I was planning to just reschedule my check up tomorrow but since i will buy medicine for a neighbor too then i just went instead. The neighbors child has a fever for few days and i opt to help in the kids medicine. The kid was telling me awhile ago that he wants to eat mango so if ill not be lazy to go to the market later i will buy him his requested mango. My honey was the one who insisted to help the kid and in fact he gave me extra on top of my allowance.

The good news guys, ive found a great deal when i went to the mall just awhile ago. Im looking for ways to minimize my expense for communication line to my love and gladly when i went to western union this morning theyve suggested a nice deal and i immediately buy the card. Hopefully, i can avail it later. On the lighter side, ive bought a nice blouse again and i really love its style. I saw it one time at a magazine and when i saw it at the mall, i didnt think twice and get it. Thank God, the fitting is perfect and the clothe used is fantastic. Anyway, stay safe guys. I knew most of the areas in the country is flooded so be safe.