Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Laminated Floors

Just recently, we were hit by a devastating floods. It was really so terrible that we did a superb general cleaning of the house. In one way it was also good because we were able to do a maximum cleaning activity but on the other hand it was very tiring and stressful. I even managed to go to sleep that early because of it. Anyway, our floor now is really messy and i don't like the smell of it. My dad is already complaining because he cant take to see a muddy floor everyday. How i wish our floor is tiled or made up of granite coz i knew it would look fantastic. Our neighbor has a tiled floor so in just a little wiping, the dirt already vanished. They hired someone to do the tiling of their floor. I forgot to ask them how much it took them to do so, i heard of a company who specialize in the service of Laminate flooring install and my friend recommend me to their company. I heard lots of positive reviews and feedbacks from their customers. Might check this out!

Tuesday Meme

Whats with Tuesday? Its maybe just a normal day for us and for everybody but the fact that we were given another day to live this life and share our life with our friends, then it must be something else already. On my way to work, i meet my old teacher. We did had a great time chatting and updating some friends and former teachers. She also told me that they will be having their graduation this coming Friday. I still recall when i was still a student, when this time comes. We will be busy already for our clearances and after that, its vacation time. I love summer because i can do everything i want, play to death and of course we could sleep anytime we want. Its nice to reminisce those old days.