Friday, December 26, 2008

Love Update

Well friends, i have a great news and updates to my love life, in the Christmas eve, my honey pie called me up to great me for the Christmas season, i was really surprised and i was so speechless at first, but then i was so happy thu my phone hang up because the battery was already empty.
To my dear lalabs, thank u so much for the call, it was a big thing for me, you just didnt knew how you made a simple woman happy just for that mere act, it made me realize that i am always special and truelly no man can ever love me the way you did.
Seems like a cliche, it would always be my pleasure to love and be loved by a great man like you.
Happy Holidays and I want the world to know that i love u so much thu your on the other part of the world.mwah

Merry Christmas

I had a great Christmas celebration this year, the entire family was present, everybody was around and we prepared lots of foods and sweets. Our relatives and some close friends visited the house, thus it was raining and partly cloudy, it didnt stop us to have a merry and happy christmas. While in the afternoon, while the rest of the guys were having there drinking session, I just pleasured myself by watching movies, it was a movie marathon for me until late at night. I really enjoyed the day since it was the first time, i really had a day break.
To everyone, a very merry christmas and hope you celebrate the season with love and hope you didnt forget that the true essence of Christmas season is for us to be reminded of the greatest aspect in this world and the most essential, intangible thing that should be present in our heart, as often as possible:LOVE