Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sandy Hook Shootings: Our Condolonces

I was saddened when i learned the shootings incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School at Connecticut. The incident took away the lives of 20 innocent and beautiful children which was so awful to figure it out. I mean these children where just there to enjoy and learn new things unfortunately their lives were cut short because of an evil man.

I was teary eyed when i saw the parents patiently waiting for confirmation if their little tots was among the victims of the tragic event and i heard people screaming and going to nearby church to find solace. My heart is really grieving for the fact that these parents were not in control of the situation and that one fine day day, they just heard the new broke unto them - their child was no longer alive. See, how could a parent manage to accept that when you have all the hatreds and anger in everything that happened.

The Deacon just assured that they will be with them in their grieving moments and i certainly believe that our prayers will eased their emotional baggage's by now. I hope the authority's and lawmakers will find this incident not only a source of information but also a lesson to make way for a new law protecting our little angels.