Monday, May 3, 2010


Dear MOM,

I was thinking to give you a letter on this Mothers Day, but i knew its far more rewarding to write a more personal note to the most special person on this whole wide world. I knew seldom will i ever tells you how much you mean to me, rare are the chance i could say " I love You", though sometimes i wanted to whisper in your ears during late at night when you fall asleep while watching TV - that as much as i can, i want you always near me and beside me all the time.
I cant express in words what you give to me without even knowing it. You did such an amzing job being my mother and I dont think Ill tell you enough how i am grateful though i take u for granted sometimes.
Before ive thought i cant live without my phone, coz even if im at my bathroom ill bring it with me, i slept it beside me, always in my bag wherever i go, i am even so bothered and worried even just at a single time it was misplaced, BUT ive realized that my phone is nothing compared to you, though it is 24- hour battery operated and always useful in me, NOTHING can ever be compared to you MOM - you are more than my phone, even if you are low-batt, you still managed to oversee us, you still managed to cook for us, attend to us every second the clock ticks. Even if u dont have enough load finacially to sustain whatever we want - YOU manage to do everything just to make us feel that we are still lucky to have you as my mom. NOW i can say that i can live without my cellphone BUT i cant live without the SELFLESS person i could ever have.
So today is your one day for u alone though i you have given all the days fro 24 years for me, allow me to give you this day for u.
TO yOu MOM - Happy Mothers Day!
Loving you each second of the day,
your daughter