Wednesday, May 14, 2008

6.8 intensity earthquake will hit philippines tonite?

i received a text message just this late afternoon about a 6.8 earthquake that will hit philippine archipelago tonite, i was really so worried when i initially read the entire message because as per quoted it came from us geological society. Thu i wanna think it was totally absurd, but i cant help worrying because absulotely no one knows what will happen tomorrow of even tonite.Prayer is the best weapon for all our fears and worries and hopefully this is just simple chain messages that is just passed to create false alarm, but as what theyre always telling us, its better to be prepared always and trust on his will, because at the end of the day His will will always prevail.

Myanmar cyclone

The most devastating cyclone to hit asia since 1991, as what the experts says about the massive storm that swept nearly 22,500 people from myanmar and 41,000 missing as of tuesday. Deaths were because of the tidal wave than of the storm, which is really true because as far as ive remembered, the same incident happend in Ormoc city wayback 1991, wherein there was really no storm but due to constant rains, heavy floods swept the place. The water actually came from the mountain which happened at daytime which leads to less casualties, than if the tragedy occured at night, because Ormoc was sorrounded by oceans, bodies of death people were like garbages floating at the oceans and was carried by the flood. The level of floods reached the rooftops of the houses of the residents here, even a two-storey house was not exempted by the flood.
Food shortages was the primary problem on those days since there were no way or other means they can give donations or assistance. What the survivors were doing, was to look for tall buildings and houses wherein they were safe and since they were lots of fish that were floating together with the floods, they do fishing at the floods and that would serve as their food to satisfy their stomach.Thu, it is quite sad to reminisce those moments, they're still thankful that at least it didnt reached to a point that the place was erased from the map, still the tragedy gave a little hope to the survivors for a bright day ahead.