Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentine Special:

QUESTION: Why do we fall in love?

ANSWER: Contrary to what most people think, the statistics show that most people fall in love with someone that they have known for a while. People only report falling in love quickly about 1/3 to 40 percent of the time. Of course, this varies from culture to culture. Falling in love happens differently between cultures but it does occur in most cultures.


ANSWER: We have found that two important characteristics, kindness and intelligence, are extremely important in the process of falling in love. And attractiveness is not connected to these things. These two attributes are things that people learn about someone from knowing them over time. Intelligence is important in all aspects of life, especially in love. But kindness is the strongest indicator for a successful long-term relationship.

Tiring Day

It was indeed a tiring day for me, ive completed a lot of reports and we actually had a meeting with my boss, it was indeed so stressful. But i am so happy because PPP is so good to me, even last week, they managed to give me more opps, well who would not be grateful, right? thanks PPP, youre really the best.

Cocaine Addiction...

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