Monday, November 26, 2012

Why You Should Pay Attention To Your Spam Folder!

If i'll have the choice to read my spam folder, i would rather just do it when i'm less busy. I mean most of the time i read nonsense items that sometimes would just makes me laugh. Some of those messages came from spammer who wish to scam any amount from the mail owner. I remember opening up messages about packages that i need to claim, a huge amount of money under my name and more in between.

Hence, i wouldn't just take negative credit to this garbage email bin. I mean i can still remember vividly how i manage to earn an instant $250 for a guest post article. This message sender was on my spam box asking me if i accept guest post articles. The first time i read her message, i already knew it's just one of the many spammers wishing to catch your attention but i don't know what came into my mind that i replied to her and told her that i do accept guest articles and mentioned my terms and conditions. The following day, she managed to replied back and told me she would like to offer $50 for every publish articles. I already doubt her sincerity and just leave her hanging. The following week, i received another message from her letting me know that the article is ready for publish but i didn't do so and take her forgranted. She was really persistent that she always reminds me if i already publish the articles. So, out of pity i publish her article and emailed her back that im done without expecting any payment in return. Sometimes, i am more concern on the valuable inputs of the post than any other else but to my surprise she asked for my paypal email.

Absolutely, i was also wishing the offer was true and the next day ive found the nice surprised. She is indeed the director of a web marketing company and yes, she paid me with an easy $250 for publishing 5 articles on my niche sites. Apart from that, she managed to choose my other sites and publish few posts too.

Now, i realized how our judgmental mind sometimes gives us a not so good result on our end. Sometimes, its best to try and just trust our instinct. By now, i realized the value of SPAM. It maybe a trash folder for the rest but for me its sometimes a folder of surprises.