Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Many of us, wants a perfect life, yes we all dreamed of that even though we knew that no one and nothing on this earth is perfect. We are all driven by our imaginary power of what is ideal and what is pleasant on our eyes. Apparantly, some of the perfect scenery has some imperfections inside that are not visible by our human eyes, thats why we all crave for "peace of mind" - what do we mean exactly by that? is is when u were able to sleep well at night? or is it when ur at the most expensive bed in the world with fully air-conditioned room. I guess, and i would like to believe that when you say we have peace of mind, its an estate of condition where we have less worries, less fears and of course we have clean conscience. I dont know exactly how to explain it in details but everybody wants it and almost each one of us wishes for that thing. It cannot be brought at any department store nor can be stolen, its such a condition that would be automatically be felt when our heart is free from hatred, fears and craved for earthly possesions.