Tuesday, April 22, 2008

GROSSIEST VIDEO by far: A VIcente Sotto Medical Center Scandal


heres a link to you tube video of an anal sugery taken at cebu vicento sotto medical center, the video shows an actual rectal sugery, its actually uploaded in you tube wherein its shows a scene where doctors and nurses retrieved something like a perfume bottle from an anal of the patient,
It also shows how the doctors and the nurses who were present in that said operation where having fun, shouting and hauling as if the patient was like an animal, it was indeed so sad, to think that they were professionals, prestigieous individuals who were respected in their field of expertise but they acts like streets men, they did not even respect the privacy of their patients when in fact it was very clear, thus im not a medical practitioner, the secrecy and being private of whatever medical history or background of all patients..

hope everybody will be reminded of this video, of our right for respect, and for privacy regardless of the gender, race and sex.

one hello

The latest offer of star cinema is indeed a heart-warming and romantic movie about love, friendship, and about struggle. The themesong of the movie is my favorite song entitled "one hello". its actually a song for those who are in the process of healing, to women who still believe in second chance, in true love and in destiny.
The song is actually close to my heart, coz after the tragic break-up that i went thru ive learned to embrace life with full of love, hope and a thought everyday that God always saves the best for last..
The movie stars mr. aga muhlach and anne curtis, its about a journey of love which begins with one hello.