Friday, September 3, 2010

Mountain Gear

I am not the type of person who loves to do some adventures in life like hunting, fishing or mountain hiking but somehow i have tried hiking during our youth conference when i was still at my high school year. It was a bit fun but so tiring and dangerous too. I saw how those dangerous species run after the other like the snakes and other wild animals. But really some people are adventurous they like to try to be in the forest or do a bit island hopping, it is really so nice but im sorry im just not the type of person who likes that kind of thing. But speaking of mountain climbing, did you know that if you will try doing some climbing with a group, you should be prepared and equipped with the right gadgets for your safety and for the security of the group.There are just appropriate clothes to use when doing so, so as the shoes and other accesories. If you are planning to do so browse for the right clothes and gadgets, then you should try visiting this site
La Sportiva .They are the site youve been looking for - for your climbing suites and other things you need for your adventure.


I am still sleepy but i cant sleep, i heard lots of noise outside. Well, maybe the children from the neighborhood played outside, i love those children from my neighbors, a bit naughty yet theyre so sweet. Anyway, i better eat halo-halo, you like guys?

Business Cards

Part of marketing strategy for any business is to push through with some sales activities, you migh consider having taste if youre into food services, while you can offer free service if youre into parlor or any kind of service nonetheless these tell us that its very important to estabish rapport to your customers coz they are the one who gives you sales every month. I remember there was a food establishment before at downtown where we usually dine out whenever me and my friends wold like to have dinner together unfortunately after a year of operation we just noticed that it does not exist anymore because as they say it was not as profitable as the rest of the food outlets there, they may offer delicious and yummy foods but they lack marketing strategies. They might consider doing some restaurant business cards for their customers. Im sure its going to be effective, right?.Nowadays that competition is everywhere they should have done somethin else so that they can attract more customers.


When i was still younger we used to play different boardgames, i am not actually used to playing with the rest of the kids in town because i dont know how to play their games, my parents bought us different board games like cheese, domino and the like coz they wanted us to stay at home most of the time, of course i have my dolls and all those barbies but i enjoyed playing those games with my brothers and friends, and now i browse for these kind of games and luckily ive found a site where i can play my favorite games and its rules,like me im sure you wanna know what this site is, oh yeah, its . It a site where you can search for your favorite board games, its rules and anything you wanna know. Common see the site now, its great.


A great morning guys, just woke up here, whats new guys? well i just drink my hot chocolate and now im into blog hopping. a just arrived from work a few hours but cant sleep well because it too hot so i decided to open the television set and watch the ANC, its the DOJ hearing on the hostage crises, ive seen several high ranking officials there, well, have to go outside, ill buy some good food.