Thursday, June 28, 2012

Awesome Nissan Models

Not too many people have heard of the Nissan Rancho Cucamonga, but it is an overlooked dealership with a lot of hidden treasures. What are some of the best cars for road trips? Well if you aren't carrying a huge family or packing a whole lot, Nissan's can make great cars to take with you across the country. They can be both speedy and reliable and of course, they have great gas mileage and of course (depending on the model) they can have great storage space. Besides road tripping, Nissan is a great college car as well. College is a combination of new and scary experiences that can really mold the rest of your life. Making sure that you have a car that will get you where you need to go and cause the least amount of stress is pretty important. Within Palm Springs, I was lost but still dazzled by such huge lots of cars. There are plenty of Nissan dealerships available in the California area. I had recently moved from Maryland to California (I know, a big change!) and did not have the slightest clue as to what dealerships were good and which ones were not. I had to get a new car, because I had a used Corolla that just could not stand to run anymore apparently. It was to the point where I was going out on an errand and I was scared if I was going to make it back to my house without my car completely breaking down, or like it sounded, about to blow up. So I decided to check out two dealerships in particular, Palm Springs Nissan and Nissan Riverside. Both were very professional upon first glance and I felt completely comfortable strolling inside even though I was not a California native. I know that it would not have mattered much where I was from, considering all they were really interested in was my money. But that is besides the point, and I would have to say that I spent my money very wisely at the Palm Springs dealership. Although the Riverside dealership did offer a pretty expansive inventory, I noticed that some of their cars seemed to be over-priced for what they really were. At Palm Springs I felt like everything was affordable, and I really loved the fact that they had so many different types of specials to offer us customers. I bought a brand new Nissan Altima from the dealership in Palm Springs and have never regretted it. My car still looks just as gorgeous as the first day that I purchased it. The Nissan Altima runs absolutely wonderful and, in my opinion, is one of the best looking cars available on the market today. I still visit Fontana dealership now and again depending on what specials they are offering and what is on sale. Picking out a new car for college has never been easier with the internet and all of its information on various dealerships. I also love taking my Nissan on road trips all across the country. Choose the right dealership and both you and your Nissan will be set for life.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

MOther of Perpetual Help

Today is the feast day of Our MOther of Perpetual Help..

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, also known as Our Lady of Perpetual Succour,[Note 1] is a title given to the Blessed Virgin Mary by Pope Pius IX, associated with a celebrated Byzantine icon of the same name dating from the 15th century.

The icon has been in Rome since 1499, and is currently in the church of Sant'Alfonso di Liguori all'Esquilino. In the Eastern Orthodox Church this iconography is known as the Virgin of the Passion or Theotokos of the Passion.

Due to the Redemptorist Priests who had been appointed as missionaries of this icon, the image has become very popular among Roman Catholics in particular, and has been very much copied and reproduced. Modern reproductions are sometimes displayed in homes, business establishments, and public transportation. The Redemptorist priests are the only religious order currently entrusted by the Holy See to protect and propagate a Marian religious art[1].

The icon has merited two Papal endorsements, one from Pope Pius IX who entrusted the icon to the Redemptorist in December 1865, and another from Blessed Pope John Paul II, who presented an icon to a Muslim cleric in May 2001[2] during his first-ever visit to the Umayyad Mosque[3].

The Roman Catholic calendar of saints celebrates the icon's feast every June 27 while common novena prayers are customarily held on Wednesdays[4], and is traditionally followed by the Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament and Divine Praises.


Please dont forget to hear mass later. Have a great day!!!

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

I Love This Intercom!!

Have you experienced being robbed and worst of all, your valuables just gone like the wind. It's the most terrifying thing one has to face, and I experienced this once. I was living in a rented apartment when I found out that my place was broken into by someone, I don't have any idea at all even now, who it was. Good thing I was at work when the incident happened. I cried about the loss of all my belonging but at the same time I cried out of pity because I didn't know if I was safe at all in the four corners I used to consider mine. That was when I wished I was with my family and surrounded by my loved ones. At least I could ask help from them or I could ask some relatives to oversee my premises. But then, thats part of the consequence of being independent. As more people are planning to get their own place, the crime of theft and robbery are also increasing. This of course can be attributed to a variety of factors, but over and above this, it always relies on us to put some measures into action for the best welfare of the people we love. For instance, we can put an intercom or a wireless doorbell in, perhaps. That way we can have more visibility on the people entering our premises and of course control those who have access to our privacy and minimize theft. If you're considering getting a wireless intercom system, then I would agree with your decision.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Things That Makes Me Happy (BC Bloggers Meme)

Its nice to see the all out smile of our friends and family members. As they say, its contagious, do you agree? I realized its true. One time i was really feeling sad and the feeling that something is wrong yet you dont know what it is but all of a sudden you met a friend and when you see the glow on her face and the smile that you've been wanting to have since the sun shines, it made you realize that its priceless. Yes, a smile is priceless and the only thing to do in this world that's FREE.

Anyway, i just check out my mail and suddenly i have the urge to join our BC blogger meme for the week. I am supposed to do some sponsored posts but then it can wait, so without much ado, here we go.

Here are the things that makes me happy:

1. When i woke up with a happy mood..
2. a shopping spree (especially if its from my partner and unexpected)
3. teasing moments with my man
4. dinner with the rest of the family members especially the "how was your day time"
5. pay day (i so love it - mood shifters) heheh
6. bonding with friends
7. ice cream time with my sister
8. picking up the grocery ( i so love this..hehe)
9. New blouse, shoes, bags and accessories
10. good health for my family
11. travel outside of our place french fries and popcorn when at the midst of movie marathon
13. surprise gifts (especially one from my honey)
14. freebies from blogging
15. chitchatting with close buddy
16. approved posts
17. desserts and sweets
18. parents
19. dreams and goals
20. plans
21. honey's call ( the good morning and goodnight routine)
21. sweet stuff from my man

I have so much to add on but then i might run out of space.Anyway, i hope to check out some posts from the members. Have a great day!

P.S: You can join our group too, CLICK HERE

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Eyeing for the Best Car, For Less?


Its Possible...Check out what ive got for you...

When i was to buy a mobile phone few years back, i was really tempted to get the imitation one since they're affordable yet i have same model with the original. But then, i later on changed my mind after a friend rant over her newly acquired phone over non-charging stuff. This made me realize the importance of buying original merchandise over fake one. The thing is, original stuff has all the parts and services warranted, meaning you get free service or you can change some parts depending on the terms and conditions upon purchase. But then, buying imitations has quite a huge difference when buying items at a pre-owned nature. I mean when we acquire used stuff it means that it has lesser value and at the same price is also set at its current market price less its depreciation cost.

I came to this idea because of my father who used to work with a prestige car brand. He is the man overseeing the warranty part and at the same the service center of that said brand. He used to talk things about the recent car trends but most of the time he recommends some of his friends to some buying preference especially about used cars. At some end, there are advantages of buying used cars and let's admit it all centers on the price. If you have limited budget but you want to have your own car then a preowned one is a perfect option.

However, if you are really into buying a brand new car then i can say that its worth it considering long term consequence. First off, you can avail of the warranty which let's you enjoy a great ride without thinking much of the maintenance. Second, as with your safety and protection, they can gurantee you of the durability and realiability especially on long travel.

But then, the right choice always depend on your financial status and your needs.If you are from LA and you have no idea where to get  buy a car then you surely read the right input. I have heard a lot about
Metro Nissan of Montclair. They are a Nissan dealer in California and they're the right resource for your Nissan needs. They have fantastic sales staff and their online avenue is equally responsive and helpful like when you visit them at their store. How can you get there?

If you're serious about your next car purchase then visit them soon...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wonderful Tuesday

I woke up with a smile today and i would love to influence the world. I am set to hear mass later then buy something for tonight's event. I have also a new client for my articles which made me smile bigtime. He offered me a great pay so i have so much things to be thankful. On the other end, my good friend Mam Erms has just opened up a new blog so i have to do some editing and installed her lay-out. Im so excited for her. Last week, i bond with her at her office and it just brings back the old times. I love to be with her coz she is the only person i knew who has a great heart. Im thankful of the fact that she is now here and she resides here. Maybe, the idea that i can reached to her anytimes brings a grin to my face. I can vividly remember how i love to stay at her office when i was still on my previous company. She also became the bridge of a once love story that didnt blossom, wink* but more importantly im grateful that despite the age and the distance we manage to keep the friendship.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Thank God Its Friday

The week seems to be blown away, after i just posted for a Monday update, here now im typing for a some Friday note. To start with, i have a bundle of tasks to do. Its the first time i will be working with a new get paid to blog site and I'm excited. I was also given another writing tasks to do with my favorite site and i hope more to come.

On some personal thoughts, i heard that there is a typhoon and it will hit somewhere at our premise but seeing the sun shining brightly, i don't think there is a tropical storm. God forbids. With that, my hubby phoned me early morning and i was at the midst of a good sleep. He told me to take extra precautions because of the coming of the typhoon. I wasn't aware of it actually so i have to recheck what my partner was talking and there it is i realized he was just worried. How sweet my mahal, indeed!

Monday, June 11, 2012

A Busy Monday!

Time for my bloggie. Monday indeed is a busy day. A day for work stuff, updates and progress reports. But then, i'm still at my best mood. Still, its a productive day for me. Tomorrow is holiday so another free day for me. We were planning to meet up with some friends but still unsure if we will pursue it. Haven't received any confirmation yet.

On the lighter end, its minutes to go before i'll leave. The hubby is already asleep after i disturbed him. Hayst, i surely can't find someone who would attend to me all the time and make me on top of his priority. He is at the midst of work when i asked him to call, he did without any ado. Then, he called up to let me know that he is already at home and about to go to sleep. Missing him now :(

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Stylish Wicker Furniture

The other day, we roamed around the city with my sister. We actually have no errands in particular, just wanted to get a breath of fresh air. Anyway, we happened to see a nice furniture shop and without much ado, we headed through its front door and feasted our eyes on those fantastic pieces. We sure would love to get any of those but as of this moment, we dont have the extra budget to get any of them. Someday, hopefully. As we roamed around, our attention was drawn to this certain piece, a mahogany chair. It was an incredible find, indeed. We also saw several colors and designs of outdoor furniture covers and other stylish outdoor furniture but what really made us smile bigtime is when we saw an ad beneath this patio furniture saying "outdoor furniture sale". If money indeed was not an issue then we really would be enticed to get some outdoor furniture. Then, I realized that whatever our status in life, we all have that innate desire of having a nice house and of course elegant pieces of furniture. Only that not all of have the right resources so some of us have to settle with what is affordable while some just can buy themselves with what is available. If I have some extra money in the budget, I'd love to look around for patio furniture covers, patio furniture sets and other furniture patio. I'd be much more grateful if I could find a patio furniture sale, then I could save big time! Thus, if we are in the same state, finding some great piece of patio funiture then go ahead check out some wicker furniture or better yet look at on the internet with some affordable wicker furniture  and wicker furniture cushions.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jonesing For a Perfect Korean Dress?

Do you crave for this?


Or maybe jonesing for this one

I must say that the world of fashion has indeed evolved from those contemporary styles like long skirt and collar dress before to liberated cuts and more revealing neckline. Sounds soo true, right girls? Gone are the days where we can't simply buy fashionable clothes from abroad because of high shipping costs. Nowadays, with just a click of your finger you can order korean clothes you most crave for, and what's amazing to know you can even set-up your online store and get a wholesale deal.

I remember one time, we had a thorough talk with one of my friends. She was telling me that a good business nowadays is setting up an online store especially selling fashionable and trendy clothing line. I never believed on her at first but when i checked out my online accounts and find numerous online fashion boutique, that i think twice. I think she is indeed right. Instead of getting a stall at the nearby mall wherein you will be dealing with monthly rental fee, a nice site and good marketing strategy is a better option.

If you are considering for one, then i think its best to talk about my recent find. I found a popular wholesaler of Korean fashion and Taiwanese fashion style that offers high end handbags, women's clothing and fashion accessories. Arguably, they are the cheapest and the sought after store in Singapore. In fact, i found a nice antique pearl necklace at $3.4 only. I was really surprised at their low cost yet non-compromising quality. Take a glimpse at the store:


Anyway, as i was saying you're stylish and posh taste can bring you somewhere else. How about taking a step to the entrepreneurial side. You can start a home business with them through Dropship.It's like buying at wholesale prices on their website without meeting their minimum purchasing requirements.

What you will do:

First you would need to contact them thru Business Enquiries so that you can be converted to a dropshipping customer. Secondly, you need to buy credit before purchasing. For dropshipping customers, a minimum purchase of SGD $150 credit is required.

The rest can be found at the stores FAQ.

Well then, for your wholesale fashion needs, check out the link ive shared.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Aching Head!

As of this typing, i can feel a strange ached in my pretty head. I guess its because of some stuff i am working or because i am mostly running out of time lately. I am dealing a lot of errands both personal and work stuff. I have to attend to some buying stuff lately and thereby gives me too much to do in a day. Last night, i even slept early and woke up too late. But i was awake when my partner called up to let me know he had sent my allowance. I was already running out of cash so i let my man knew that i dont have extra already. Good thing he wired me before the day as i have to pay something important. I have to drop by at our clinic too because my chest was aching last night and my hubby just want to be sure that im doing fine physically. But then i still have appointments and deadlines to accomplish tomorrow until friday. Hayst, what a busy June.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Looking for a Cozy Venues?

I have had a few experiences before in event planning and I'm telling you, it isn't as easy as you would like to think it is. At one point, you'll feel the thrill and the excitement of planning the event, but then when you face inevitable times where things get out of control then its really time you realized, it needs a thorough and careful planning. I remember a time where I had to facilitate the opening of our new branch. I was just given the resources and the rest was for me to act on and it wasn't easy at first, knowing that it was the first time I have had to host such a big event. The good news, is it turned out to be a success and I was applauded by our CEO for a job well done. In other words, we need to just face our fears and be confident enough that things will fall into right places. For instance, before you book your venues , you have to contact every hotel or commercial establishments that suits for the theme of the event. Make sure it fits within your budget and then book it weeks or months before the event. However there are many other details depending on the type of event you're planning. I hope the next time around, it will involve weddings and something that will paint a busy schedule in my daily grind. Hopefully.

Monday, June 4, 2012

June Thoughts

Good morning bloggers. Its the start of the class and the pretty stressful expenses too.For mom's out there i know the line of expenses for kid's enrollment will surely break banks. I still remember the time when we were so excited getting our books and wearing our uniform on the first day of the class. It was great reminiscing.

Anyway,as you can see guys, my other site is still down due to some change in name servers. Hopefully, it will be back in the next 48 hours.I'm glad my web host company is just a click away.By the way, its also a great morning to start the week. Have a great days ahead!