Thursday, August 28, 2008

Babies know math too...

In the recent studies conducted abroad, it was found out that babies know math too. In the study, seven-month-old babies were presented with the voices of two or three women saying "look." The infants could choose between looking at a video image of two or women saying the word or an image of three women saying it. The babies spent significantly more time looking at the image that matched the number of women talking.
They concluded that these babies show internal representation of what they've seen,and therefore it just gave an idea to our researchers of the numerical ability of the said babies.
what if in the next generation, upon delivery of the said babies, they will already gave you the formula in the calculus, who knows?hehehhe

a sweet note from my lalabs

well it was such so flattering to receive such sweet message from
the love of your life..thanks honey for a very sweet note..
you make up my day,just want to tell you that whatever happens, i will
always be your sweet girl youve known from the start...

morning everyone

a blessed morning to all, i am here once again for my post for this day, coz maybe i might forgot again to update this blog,,hehehe..i went home late last night thats why i come to the office late too. I will have a very busy day today since my boss will coming over for a very important appointment today. I will be going too to our respective stores for check ups and to monitor too their sales, well the sun is shining great today and i guess this will be a very sweat day..hehehehe
hope to blog hop soon,,,see yah