Friday, August 28, 2009

Trust and Confidence

Trust is not easily gaine nor can be brought in any department store, rather it is hardly earned to be able to enjoy the confidence of other people. We have this messenger in the office whom i have recommended coz he was being fired from his previous employer, He was our crew before in one of our outlet and since ive known him in quite a few months i have put in him my trust and confidence. Just last month i guess i havent shared this in my blog, ive lost around 20 thousand pesos in my drawer, it was actually our anniversary that day, that was friday and i just put that money in my drawer, im not sure if i have locked my drawer and on the following day my collegue told me that our messenger was very early coz he cleaned our office because of the mess of the party. When monday comes, i checked my drawer and i was surprised that the cash was no longer there, i immedietly checked everything, including the inner cabinet and the side table and even the spaces that could possibly be, and even check the tables of my officemates and my room. I am so sure that it was not misplaced, it was best stole by someone and i am very sure of that. I had one suspect on my mind on whoever is capable of doing such things, but i choose to keep it coz i dont want issues and scandals.
Tonight, we were being disturbed by a call from the bank coz they were claiming that they made overpayment on the check we made to encashed. At first, we investigate and called up the concerned people who have access on the said cash, however they have told us that the cash they received was just exact on the amount on the check. The person who encashed that check was the same person whom i suspected that stole my money. We decided to visit their house to ask if how much really was handed to him by the teller, and on a more personal note i could say that his facial expression alone tell otherwise, he even collapsed but later on he just stand up and pretended to have heart problem. As my friend investegated him further, i feel that he was becoming more inconsistent and of course hes family was there so we better be careful in our choice of words. We decided to just leave but each one of us has the same conclusion, even though he will not admit on that thing, our instinct tells us the truth behind those lies.
I mean, theres one important thing that i guess everybody of us should possess, HONESTY. If every one of us has that, then theres no corrupt government rather it will be a key to a progressive nation.

How is my Heart?

I dont know if im becoming too possesive or i am just a bratty girl to my lalabs, i am recently feeling bad on him coz of the incident yesterday, i feel like im taken forgranted, i knew i should never complain about this coz above all we have our respective priorities, our work might be a big difference and of course we are flexible, i belong to a world of sales that is why i do have a complicated world, theres no constant for me coz my life revolves around the operation, that as well as my time, but despite of course i always finds time to chat with him coz i missed him so much, that is how i love him. But i always question myself why on his part i feel i am just an option, i mean when hes busy, he would not be visble, i knew he has to prioritize his clients but i dont know, shall i say i am just so selfish? am not that matured enough to understand things, how i wish i would perceived this things in a much more mature understanding, Honestly speaking in 3 years that we've known each other, there was no time that i feel bad towards him, he was the man i would say an ideal partner, a husband material and all those positive adjective that you could attached to his word, that is him. However, we are not perfect also, we have our fights, shortcomings, we have our own trials and relationship tests but after all those lessons that it came along our way, it made me realized that i should be with him, i wanna be with him. Hope this heart of mine would be so strong to surpass this tests. I love this man..i dont know where i am in his heart? time will just answer those doubts.

Willie, Suspended?

If youre an avid fan of WOWOWEE, then youll be surprise why the main host, Willie Revillame is not visible for quite some time, As per recent report, theyve told the press the he is on an indefinite leave, and will be back of August 29, but just recently there were reports that this possibility may at all be just a hearsay coz there were intrigued circulating among the press people that Mr. Revillame was given suspension letter by ABS-CBN Management and the MTRCB on the compaint of the latter to his misbehavior on Cory's update during one of his show. BUt according to reliable source and even PEP inside story, Willie might be back on TV on September 29 not because of any suspension issues but on his extention og his leave, An insider also quoted that Willie is totally hurt to ABS management coz he feels he is being abondoned by the network on its crises,the possibility of him leaving the show may be consider if ABS would not do something about it or even just dwell on the issue on the positive side on Willie's end.
More updates, coming.

Friday Mood

Time really flies so fast, its already friday and the its the end of working days. And on monday it will be a holiday so we have longer rest days, What are your plans on the weekends guys? anything? well as for me, im going to canvass for tiles in our home, my family with my bro and me agreed to slowly make renovations on our floorings, we dont have actually problem on our floor but i just feel so unease everytime i encounter lots of dust on our floor so the solution is to put tiles on it so that it would be more presentable and less cleaning session.Hehehe. Hopefully all of you guys would have a wonderful day ahead.