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Making Time for Timepieces

Everyone who has a passion for fashion has, at one point or another, noticed how a watch can help make an outfit work better. Aside from acting as an accessory to a could-have-been so-so ensemble, it also tells you if it’s time to touch up, both literally and figuratively. Both form and function are served well by the watch you wear on your wrist.

In fact, the wristwatch has gone through its own evolution in terms of its role in the world of fashion. Just as jeans have gone from flared to straight to slim then back, watches have also undergone a lot of change. About three decades ago, disposable watches that screamed juvenile pop became all the rave, giving companies like Swatch the time to shine.


Then, elegance had to find its way back in the front row, and watches with slim straps came just in time to match the equally slim straps of every girl’s shoes. Later, the androgynous era came to be and, just as boyfriend jeans and boyfriend blazers became all the rave, boyfriend watches joined the bandwagon.


Piaget watch for men worn by Rihanna

Still, nobody can get enough of the burst of color that arguably overpriced, fad-inspired watches like TechnoMarine offered.


Yes, timepieces have never left the scene, quietly making a difference and taking their time. Do not be surprised if the fashion value of your attire is judged based on what wristwatch you are sporting – it can happen. After all, the watch you wear around your wrist can speak volumes about your personality, just as your clothes do.
Many would argue that the only wise timepiece to buy is one which you can claim is a true investment. This means that a lot of people believe in expensive but timeless watch brands, such as Rolex or Patek Philippe. But in reality, not everyone can afford these watches. And even less expensive watches can be worth your time, if you know just how to choose the right one for you.


Patek Philippe

If you haven’t chosen the perfect watch yet, give it time. One day, you shall find the timepiece that speaks to you, that seems to make time stand still for you – or at least, it shall tell you what time it is while making you feel that you’re wearing so much more than just a fashion accessory. In the end, time will tell if what you have is a mere timepiece... or a true masterpiece.

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