Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just a THought

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didnt do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore.Dream.Discover"
-Mark Twain

My man

I used to call him my babe, my honey, my baby, my sweety but above all he is my bestfriend, my confidante, my sweetheart just my man. He may not always be here physically but always and almost he is here, always here for me. When i decided to take a break in my career, he was the one i first consulted. I can feel how he was worried when i felt the world was stumbling down on me.When i parted ways with my former bf, ive thought it was the end of a beautiful story but He proved it wrong, he proved it once again that really distance cannot hinders a story inspired by time and trust. I have lots of things to be grateful with, but im not rushing things, this time i want HIM to make the lead. True enough, i am slowly falling in love with him...just found out recenlty.goodluck to me.

May Bukas Pa

Let me just take this chance to commend this higly rated primetime series of ABS - CBN for a job well done, you know im really not a television fanatic nor you can see me watching local drama series, its not that i dont like their genre, its just that i usually dont have time to watch them. Luckily as im in a vacation, i was given this chance to watch their after-dinner offering for both networks,on my first time to watch "may bukas pa", i really felt somethin else, its not the usual offering and rags to riches love story or an anime like what the usual trend is.
May Bukas Pa is about a boy named Santino who has the ability to see Jesus and be able to talk to HIM, he has the ability to heal and do some miracles, the story is set on a fictional inspired town named Bagong Pag-Asa. What i just like about this teleserye, is that it has lots of big surprises and not boring, it inspired viewers and really gave us refelections not only about the battle between good and evil but more importantly about our faith. Whether we believe in the same God or with different God's, it taught us that really in this world, there is still powerful person behind this and He is none other than, our bestfriend, our brother, our clasmate, our neighbor, and as to whoever you like him to address, He is our BRO.
Last night their episode was about Santino's doubt on Bro, he was actually questioning HIm as to why he is always put in messeries,he decided to leave his place with nowhere to go, he was able to meet diffrent people who gave him the same insights about HIM, at the end of the day, the lesson was that, theres no such thing as coincidence in thsi world, coz everything has reasons and all that is happening in our respective life are all meant to be. They are designed to happen for reasons we may not know, even those criminals and those less fortunate, yeah they are there for purpuses we may not either know or understand. But im sure, HE does. So to those who are really down at this ver moment or maybe we questioned sometimes why we are like this, just always put in mind that it is there coz it is meant to be there. Lets always be inspired to embrace life with imperfections, let always be positive in any trials and shortcomings. Coz believe it or not, we always have a confidant along the way, BRO.


Just in time after i finished some online stuff, i was surprised to see an unknown call from my phone, but i just have one person in mind, no other than the closest and dearest person now,hmmm. And my bet was correct, when i come online now, ive read his offline message telling me that he tried to call me yersterday like 4 pm in my time. He was really the one. And who else will?hheheh, actually there are just few people who knew my personal number, just those who were that close to me other than my significant others. Truelly i regret not having talk to him, coz our last conversation was last sunday and it really took us almost half an hour and it was just cut off when my battery got empty, i missed him already. You know i realized God has been really good to me all through out, though sometimes i questioned his will on me but always and almost after i finally got HIS message, i certainly thank him for bringing great people on my life. To everybody out there, learn to trust.