Thursday, December 16, 2010


There are countless times where i am insensitive as a person, admittedly ive never been a perfect lover so as a perfect girlfriend, but i always try to be one always and almost. For my entire existence, there is just one man i can say that ive loved so much with all my heart and who was able to let me experienced unconditional love which up to now still holds my heart. No one can ever imagined a relationship that just started in the net and had blossomed and nourished more than any relationship at the real world. Ours was a long distance love affair but has indeed brought our life considerable change to each one of us. His coming has brought a different fulfillment that is not worth of any bargain. Our relationship was a product of a test of time and painful mishaps. As he once quote " Never mind the past...What guarantee is it will not happen again and maybe more more times..coz your man is very tolerant...and he will never do anything to hurt you..coz he really loves you.." Simplier said, but he is indeed true, he is a tolerant lover, he always tolerates my childish acts and consecutively explains to me what is right and never do again the wrong. None can superscedes how much i am grateful, i was grateful that our roads has crossed. Over and over again, i will never get tired of shouting to the whole world, that i love you my man.

An Internet Marketing Specialist

An internet marketing specialist is by way the key for the success of any business in as far as promotion in the worldwideweb is concerned. I knew a lot of people nowadays trying to dominate the world of internet by putting up online business. At first they think its just so easy, as easy as putting up a site and promote your products. What they failed to realize is that with the presence of millions and millions of sites in the net, the lower your rank and traffic the lesser your product will be known. Thats why an idea of having a professional to work for the marketing thing in the internet is created, thats the roots of a profession called - Internet Marketing Specialist. I knew its quite broad, but the simpler thing to think is that - they are responsible for promoting your product just like your salesman in the real world. Speaking of internet marketing specialist, i knew a man who has great accomplishments on that field. He is the man who specialises in helping business newbies to promote themselves cheaply and quickly via the internet. He is no other than - Mr. Murray Ambler - Shattock. He is currently the Freelance IT Project Management at IT Projects.Net, an internet consultant at HiMedia Technologies Co. Ltd ("HTC") and the consultant at BusinessITools. He graduated from a reputable university and worked thereafter as a specialist since 1994. He has an intensive commercial internet experienced and even worked in the leading software company in the UK. At present, he has over 500 connections and consultancy service in different IT providers.

Christmas Bonding

We roamed around the city today hoping to find great deals and new apparels. I knew its quite odd but sometimes you really get tired of going to one store and to the other hoping to find something new. Because of just very few places and shopping centers so you will just have limited choice at all. Last Christmas i do my shopping at Cebu and i found a great deal there, was able to buy a nice dress and accesories. Now i dont know what to buy for the holiday season, still have plenty of dresses in my closet and i didnt even brought my clothes in cebu which i just bought a months ago. My friend was really right, there will come a time when you get tired of those personal niche and youll just amazed that your attention is already been diverted. Lately ive been hooked on nice pairs of pajamas and im planning to buy a new pair next week. Well i still need to buy gifts for my inaanak and next week will be a busy days for me.