Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Aching Head!

As of this typing, i can feel a strange ached in my pretty head. I guess its because of some stuff i am working or because i am mostly running out of time lately. I am dealing a lot of errands both personal and work stuff. I have to attend to some buying stuff lately and thereby gives me too much to do in a day. Last night, i even slept early and woke up too late. But i was awake when my partner called up to let me know he had sent my allowance. I was already running out of cash so i let my man knew that i dont have extra already. Good thing he wired me before the day as i have to pay something important. I have to drop by at our clinic too because my chest was aching last night and my hubby just want to be sure that im doing fine physically. But then i still have appointments and deadlines to accomplish tomorrow until friday. Hayst, what a busy June.