Friday, June 3, 2011 starting her review

My sister is now starting her review for the upcoming CPA board exam. She will have a 6 months review at our place and proceed to Iloilo for the last month of refreshing course and she will stay their until their board exam. God knew our sacrifices and determination for her to be able to make it. This is her last journey and we want her to be successful in her field of endeavor. Her batch mate who just took up the board exam top notched in the recent CPA board. We are crossing our finger for a successful journey of my lil sis. I knew God will continue to enlighten her mind and bless each of us because we always have good intentions. We still have so many plans for our parents and for each and everyone of us. I knew life is not a perfect journey but i wish God will guide us on this. It was not an easy journey for us. There are so many people who wanted to let us down and all along there are a lots of tears and downfall souls that we experienced. This is our last card and we wish to finally passed with flying colors.

To our dearly beloved sis, we will always be behind you like before. We will not allow others to hurt you like what happened in the past. But its all lessons that we learned. Someday realization will come at a point. I knew you're always been a great sister and a wonderful girl. We are so proud of you day!

Its Friday Again?

Who would have thought that its the end of work days? I never believe time flies so fast. Well, how was the weekdays guys? Did you enjoy those days or maybe something good happened? Its nice to hear great stories and fantastic experiences. Gladly, i had my share of great stories this week though there were some unfortunate incident that happened to the son of our dear Misty. Until now, they are still at the hospital but we keep an eye on every updates especially my hubby who is always on top of every decision making stuff. I'm glad i have him, a super supportive,caring, sweet, thoughtful and ever loving partner.

On the other hand, Ive been so productive this week. I reached my online quota and i still have pending product reviews to finish today. Who says earning online is hard? But of course, it takes a lot and a lot of hard work. Not all sites works for each one but thank God one site works perfectly for me. I wish i could Thank God for everything HE does for me. Its as if HE pours all the blessings unto me. I love you God.

Anyway, do have a great day ahead guys and be safe always.

Do you know Peter Francis-Macrae?

Social Media Network is at its zenith. Just imagine how many people are hooked to this sites and how many companies prefer advertising to this kind of medium. Among those that are popular social site is Quora. Its a social media where you get to see your friends, learn about their background and present attachments. I visited the site once and i was amazed that most of my friends has their account there. I also stumble to the account of Peter Francis-Macrae which i did had a good browse. His account is interesting because he worked in various internet-related jobs. I can relate of course because we share same interests. Visit her site guys.