Tuesday, February 7, 2012

They Require No Deposit..

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I Missed My Honey

Everyday, we always make it a point to phone each other anytime of the day at least few times and if he is not busy he could just call me for as long as he likes.Ive mentioned in my post yesterday that i didnt tell him about the earthquake because he will surely just get worried and i am just right. I was in the midst of a good sleep when my phone rang few times. I didnt expect the honey calling up again since we just finished talking and he knew that i will be off to bed. Luckily, i was able to get my phone despite me being so lazy to get up. I knew it was him and he told me and he just knew about the earthquake because he arrived late so he immideatly rest. He asked what had happened and if we are safe.I assured him that we are perfectly fine. I can sense being so worried and i feel so touched having had a man who really care for us so much.

If theres one thing i wish to happen its for him to come over this soon. Yay, been wanting him so badly and i felt everyday without him is so much harder. I miss you so much honey.