Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Words and Pride

The famous and prestige Queen of Talkshow Oprah one said" Be sure to make your words soft and sweet, just in case you need to eat it, you can swallow it".

Indeed life is full of uncertainty so be sure to watch over the words that came out from our mouth. It doesnt mean that just because we are powerful that the world is already on top, remember that it always circles around and once you go down, twists will be much harder. I knew some people who really changed maybe because of some reasons but still i really cant understand why the attitude will also changed. Ive came to know people who are really rich and influential but has their feet always on the ground. But some people who are just on their way up, but their pride is already up there which is indeed so sad. I had good friends back then who really were lucky to have met the lifes status we all dreamed of but then they still act as if they were the people weve known before. Ive been there and even much higher but always and almost, i stand my feet always on the ground. As a reminder that no matter how far we achieved in life, its still not the benckmark of happiness. By now and by far ive went thru, money isnt always what makes everyone happy. It may be at first but its still the relationship and your family that will still bring the joy youve been dreamin of, least as expected.


On our way to the cafe, the rain pours really that heavy that we were both wet. My sister and I decided to went to the internet cafe for browsing and sadly it was not the perfect time for us. However, we still have time while on our way, joking over the rain. Really, my sister is the best buddy in the world. She is not just an ordinary sibling, she is also my bestfriend, my companion and a real trusted girl. Whenever we have girls talk, we always finds time to give advices to each other. These days isnt really boring coz whenever she is at home and im there, its always a moment filled with laughter and extra fun moments. Love to be with you sis.