Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Love This Wireless Doorbell

Its a fine Sunday morning and I woke up so late because of some activities I attended last night. Therefore I can see the bright sun smiling bigtime. So, if theres one thing that makes me smile these days, its the romance and thoughts of love I'm keeping within me. I'm enjoying some wonderful moments with the apple of my eye and the things that we're planning together makes me so excited! On a lighter note, my sister will be coming home in the few days. In fact. we had a long conversation last night and I am already excited for her to arrive. As of this typing, she is taking her last batch of exams until tomorrow. With our coming festivity, the novena already started, we are in the midst of preparations. Some of the carpentry work is almost finished and on one of my errands to the city I looked for a wireless doorbell . I'm just amazed at this kind of doorbell because aside from the fact that it needs no messy wiring, it is also very convenient for any homeowner knowing that a visitor can just use the doorbell in case he needs to see us. Well, it requires a little budget and appropriate planning. I don't think its perfect for us now knowing that we have a few expenses in the queue. Well, I hope you're enjoying your Sundays guys. Don't forget to hear mass later.

Wireless Intercom For Office Needs

If theres one thing that I'd love to give a full thumbs up to in today's innovation, its the development of some impressive wireless tools that truly make things convenient. For instance, with the invention of hidden cameras, you can monitor your premises and of course you can be assured of your family's security even if you're on vacation. Just imagine monitoring them 24/7 and having a full access to what they're doing, it's truly a magnificient idea, isn't it?

 Another tool I am impressed with is the invention of the wireless intercom . If I was born at the time where there was no intercom yet, then I would probably have varicose veins from going up and down the stairs, tending to the personal needs of my superior. Case in point, if my boss has something to ask from me or he needs some reports at that moment, he would just give me a messsage through wireless intercom and I need not to be at his office and be his shadow all the time. Isnt' that impressive? Aside from that, the wireless thing is really a big deal. You dont need to deal with messy wires and of course your movement will not be limited like it is when you are on wires. I guess the boss was right when he asked me to buy this wireless device!