Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Financial Crises

When the news booms that Iceland was facing a deep financial crises, it spearheaded the news on different countries and banks having difficulty stabilizing their respective economies. However, it not only other countries abroad who is facing such threats but our land too, its just so sad that a lot of business faces financial threats today due to to global crises that we are facing nowadays, thu the government is looking for means to address and alleviate the condition of the economy, still its not enough to prevent the closure of the private sectors, Say for example, in the poultry industry, this year will be a tough year for us because of the coming of the leg quarters, which was exported by some local source to compete with the current market, so what will happen is that our local producers will really had hard time stabilizing the prices at the market considering the expensive cost for raw materials, The consumers on the other hand will of course choose to buy cheap chicken in the market and these companies will have no choise but look for other avenues to compete with the latest trends in pricing, What i am trying to fugure out is the fact that, we should learn to ptotect our local investors in the country, the free trade policy should be reconsidered if we are really protecting our people from the unemployed dilemma, we should always try to look the other side of the picture.
The basic role of Government is to protect both sides, and as much as they want to protect the consumers, they should also protect the industrial sector, in view of the bigger picture, thus stabilizing the economy in general.


yes..i received a gift from one of our business partners, yeah your thinkin right, i received my favorite VERSACE, thu i like Victorias Secret but i am more flaterred to received such a great gift from them, th scent was so lovely and thu its just so mild but its fragrance doesnt easily vanished unlike ordinary and locally made scents. It was especially made for woman, so i guess i couldnt ask for me, VERSACE was enough to brightens my day.
Thanks sir for the gift!

Back to work

After a great holiday, me sched was again booked with a series of meeting. It was indeed too tiring for me, since it was more on operations updates, concerns from diff department and other important matters. I even went home past 11 pm due to a hectic sched, i even did not finished my reports and various things that need to be done on that day, haaaaaay, this is really my day!
how about yours? was it too streesful? i hope it was not...