Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan's Quake

The whole world had seen a real time disaster that gave us a new picture of what tragedy is all about. Some may have seen devastating photos of the 8.9 eartquake while others may had been watching in their respective television while waiting for updates for tsunamis or somehow by after shocks of the moster quake. While some of us were lucky that we were safe from that disaster but people from other parts of world are in deel pain for lost of some lives and homes. I was able to see footage of the devastating earthquake and i have seen at CNN how tsunamis reached the coastal town of one of Japan's town. I was in awe because in just a minute, the floods had reached the city and after an hour, the place turned to be a muddy and messy place far from its original picture. There were cars bumping from each other, boats who hit the bridge while they were being carried away by running watre and of course people looking for rescue, raising whitel cloth to signals rescuers that they need help. I personally feel pity to the current scenario of japan, the once powerful nation has suddenly changed its fate, in just a second.
Let us all pray for the people who were hit by the earhquake and also for the past recovery of Japan. In this battle, theres no strong arm than prayer - to heal the people and to guide us and protect us from all disasters and tragedys.

The Funeral

I just arrived from Kim's funeral which was scheduled this afternoon. It was well attended by friends, relatives and collegues of Kim. There was a power point presentation which was indeed made the crowd cry. All of the dearest people of KIm had the chance to talk and everyone shared their memories with my friend. But my heart was really so touched when Kim's bf talked and shared their wonderful memories. It was the time i realized that there is still one person in this world who has serious intentions towards their girlfiend. Ive thought that boys are not that showy in terms of their love and affection to the people they loved but i was wrong coz he cried in front of us and tell the whole world that he loved Kim so much and that his world revolves around her. I was touched of their relationship and how death came to separate them. Indeed, this journey is not unlimited unlike texts and calls in the mobile world. Coz our journey is set by the time God wants us to be here and the missions we are here for. Kim;s mission in this wolrd may already been fulfilled but the people she touched when she was still alive, still remains at their heart, our heart and the heart of the people she once had.
We will miss you Kim and May you rest in peace.